Glitter and Pearls Glass Candle Holder DIY – Dollar Store Craft

I love finding and combining things to create completely different things! I was at Dollar Tree and did just that to come up with this candle holder DIY project!

These are great for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding centerpieces, or just as glam room decor! You can customize them with any color glitter!

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Supplies You Will Need for the Candle Holder DIY

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Pearl Candle Holder DIY Video Tutorial

Candle Holder DIY Directions

1. With your sandpaper, scrape up the top edge of the stemmed glass candle holders and the bottom of the fishbowl candleholders. This lets the glue hold onto the surfaces better.

Sanding edge of glass candle holder with sandpaper

2.  Fill the cups of the stemmed candleholders with the pearl beads.

Fill glass candle holder with pearls

3.  Run your glue along the top edge of the stemmed candle holders and attach them to the bottoms of the fishbowl candleholders. Make sure they are centered and then set them aside to dry.

adding glue to edge of glass candle holder

4.  When dry, use painter’s tape to tape off the cups holding the pearls, as well as at the bottom of the stem.

Add painters tape to the glass candle holder

5.  Using Mod Podge, paint on the outside of the fishbowls and sprinkle them with glitter. Do the same on the feet. Allow to dry, then repeat with a second coat.

Sprinkle red glitter on the glass candle holder diy

6.  Carefully peel off the tape.

remove painters tape from candleholder diy

That’s it! You can use these as candle holders, or as vases since the inside is still glass!!

Completed red glitter and pearl glass candle holder diy | glittery goodness

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Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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