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Learn how to make Resin Heart Art in this Valentine’s Day Craft Tutorial! It easy and a perfect way to add a little Valentine to your decor.

I was asked if I had any ideas on how to combine a wood heart, letters, and resin. At the time, I didn’t. But, I collected the items and this is what I came up with!

Here is a quickie video tutorial so you can see exactly how I made it!

You can find the full video at the end of this post!

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Materials you will need to make the Valentine’s Day Heart Art


  1. Remove the ribbon. Keep the ribbon and use it to measure a replacement ribbon.
Remove red ribbon from unfinished wood heart

2. Paint the heart white, so the resin has a nice neutral base and won’t have any dark colors showing through.

Paint wood heart white

3. Paint the love wording with gold acrylic paint.

Paint love with gold paint

4. Mix six ounces of resin and split it into three cups and reserve some too.

Painted white heart and gold love for Valentine's Day heart art

5. Add pigments to resin. First, mix white and red to make pink and the others are just plain red and plain white.

Add white pigment into the resin

6. Begin pouring the resins onto the heart, in no particular pattern or order.

Add white pigment into the resin
Pour pink resin onto heart art
Pour white resin over red and pink resin on heart

7. Once all the resin is on the heart, pick it up and lean it from side to side, so it can cover more of the heart.

Pick up heart with resin and tilt it to move resin

8. I used my stir stick to move the resin to the edges.

Use stir stick to move resin around and cover wood heart

9. Use a torch or lighter to pop any bubbles in the resin.

Use lighter to pop bubbles on resin heart art

10. Carefully drop the love into the wet resin.

Drop gold love into the resin on the heart art

11. Then, use the reserved clear resin and drip it all over the love. Move it around with your stir stick until it is completely covered and running into the resin on the heart.

Drip clear resin over gold love

12. Use a torch or a lighter to pop the bubbles. Then, let it sit for a minimum of 12 hours to cure.

Use torch to pop bubbles on resin

There it is, all cured, but is lacking a ribbon!

Red, pink, white and gold love Valentine's Day heart art

You can paint the back any color you want because it will be against the wall.

Back of heart unfinished

13. Take a wide black ribbon and add it to the Valentine’s Day heart art!

Add black ribbon to Valentine's Day heart art

You can make a version of this in any size. I like that it is pretty big.

Holding finished Valentine's Day Heart Art

That’s it!  Now you can hang it up!

DIY Valentine's Day Resin heart art with black ribbon

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Decor

Maybe you love Valentine’s Day decorations but might not want to jump into making the Heart Art. That’s okay! There are so many beautiful Valentine decorations available!

Here is the full video tutorial!

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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