Heart Pendant Valentine’s Day Craft [Video]

What could be more Valentine than a heart pendant? This is such an easy resin craft and I found the bezel on clearance for $1.79!


The real cool thing about this craft is you can do it in any shape bezel but you can make it as a gift and personalize it to reflect things people love!

Quickie Heart Pendant Video

Here is a quickie video on how to make the heart pendant but you can find the full version at the end of this post, which should answer any questions you may have.

Supplies for the Heart Pendant

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Heart Pendant Directions

Step 1: The Bezel

Decide on your bezel and the shape. I happened to get an amazing deal on the heart bezel but you can go with any shape or size.

Holding metal heart bezel

Step 2: Resin and Glitter

Nothing pairs better than resin and some sparkly glitter! Mix a small amount of resin. I used about half an ounce and then added some chunky red glitter.

Pour chunky red glitter into resin for heart pendant

Step 3: Here Comes the Glitter

Slowly, pour the resin glitter mixture into the bezel. You want to cover the bottom of the heart pendant but you want to make sure you leave enough room for the charms.

Drip red glitter resin into the heart pendant bezel

Step 4:

Use your lighter to pop any bubbles.

Use a lighter to pop bubbles in the resin

Let the resin sit for an hour or two. You want the resin to be nice and sticky and thick enough so your charms won’t sink to the bottom.

Step 5: Add Charms to the Heart Pendant

Carefully place your charms on the glittery resin.

Add charms to the red glitter heart pendant

Step 6: A Little Clarity

Pour a thin layer of clear resin over it. It won’t take much but you want to make sure everything is embedded.

Pour clear resin over heart pendant with charms

Step 7: Pop!

Take your lighter and pop the bubbles and let it cure.

Use lighter to pop bubbles in heart pendant

That’s it! It can be a necklace or a keychain! Or it can be whatever you want it to be!

Finished Valentine's Day heart pendant

Have fun with it! I’d LOVE to see what you make! Be sure to share it over on my Craft Klatch Facebook Group! It’s Free! ❤️

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Full Video Tutorial

Here is the full video tutorial!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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