Dollar Store Candle Makeover Craft

Do you love inexpensive and easy crafts that you can add your own twist to?  These candles are perfect to dress up you home for the holidays and would also make beautiful hostess gifts!

You will need:
–  Inexpensive white candles:
–  Glitter:
–  Tissue paper in different shades of blue:
–  White glue or Mod Podge:
–  Painter’s tape:
–  Heat tool:  
–  Snowflake paper punch:  

Here is the video tutorial:

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The Snowflake Candle:
1.  Fold tissue paper 3-4 times.  Take your paper punch and punch out a bunch of snowflakes.
2.  Taking your heat gun/tool,  carefully warm up a section of the candle – keep the tool moving.  when the wax softens, turn off heat tool, place tissue paper snowflake on candle.  With heat tool, heat up the area with the the snowflake.  Again, keep heat tool moving.  The snowflake should melt right into the candle.  The process goes very quickly.  Repeat with other snowflakes.
3.  When you have all the snowflakes on, you will notice that the candle has different texture.  Run the heat tool around the whole candle and it will all blend.
4.  Using white glue or Mod Podge and a skewer stick, or back of a paint brush, dip in glue and press onto the candle.  Sprinkle with glitter and let it sit until dry.
5.  When dry, use a soft brush to remove any excess glitter.

The Glitter Candle:
1.  Using painter’s tape, put it around the candle to mark off where you want the glitter.  Paint on the Mod Podge or white glue and sprinkle with glitter.  
2.  After a few minutes, carefully remove the painter’s tape, before the glue creates a bond with the tape and ends up pulling off all the glitter.  Let it dry.
3.  With a skewer stick or end of a paint brush dip glue or Mod Podge and make dots on the candle and sprinkle with glitter.  Allow to dry.  
6.  Once dry, use a soft brush to remove any excess glitter.

That’s it!  Your candles are ready to be displayed or wrapped!

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Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


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