Decorating a Snowman Terrarium | Dollar Tree Crafts [Video]

I took a plant terrarium and gave it a makeover! I used Dollar Tree stuff for decorating a snowman winter scene! You won’t believe the transformation!

Think Christmas decorating on a budget al the while being creative!

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Supplies You Need for Decorating a Snowman Terrarium

Here is the Video Tutorial for Decorating a Snowman Terrarium

Here is the quickie version of the video and you can see the full version at the end of this post!

Decorating a Snowman Terrarium Directions

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Step 1

I went shopping and found the terrarium, snowmen and glittery floral picks, all at the Dollar Tree.

I gathered a clear terrarium, snowmen ornamets and floral picks with glitter

Step 2

I poured some glue in a cup and added some glitter and confetti, making sure to mix it up good!

I mixed Mod Podge and clear glitter in a cup

Step 3

I used a brush to dab the mixture onto the inside of the terrarium. 

Dab the glue and glitter mixture onto the inside of the clear terrarium

Don’t forget the rim! Then just let it dry overnight.

Step 4

Once dry, I poured white acrylic paint into the terrarium and swirled it around.

Pour white paint into the terrarium with the glue and glitter

*This is a good time to wipe the excess paint off the outside, that may have dripped out.

Then set it aside to dry…again, this will probably be overnight.

Step 5

I used Mod Podge and dabbed the side of the terrarium and added more glitter, to give it a nice frosty look. Pour the excess glitter back into the container.

Put terrarium on a cup to drain any excess paint

Look at that beautiful frostiness!

Step 6

Now it’s time for the snowman. I don’t like the tab at the top of the ornament and decided to remove it. I didn’t want it to look like an ornament.

Cut off top of snowman hat with wire cutters

It’s a plastic ornament. I cut the excess plastic down using my wire cutters.

Step 7

I added hot glue and a small gold jingle bell.

I used Mod Podge and brushed it around the bottom of the  jingle bell, to hide the jagged edge from where I cut the ornament.

Then, I poured fine silver glitter over and now it looks like it always should have been that way!

Decorating a snowman ornament with silver glitter

Step 8

I trimmed down the floral picks to make them the size I needed.

Trim floral picks to a smaller size that will fit into the terrarium

Step 9

I glued in the snowman and the picks. Don’t worry if glue is showing…we’ll take care of that!

start gluing in the parts of the snowman scene

Step 10

I used white paint and covered up any glue left showing. Then, I let it dry and went over it with Mod Podge and sprinkled it with glitter.

Keep decorating until you get a snowman scene

How cute is that?!?!

Step 11

I used glue and put it around the loop and sprinkled it with silver glitter too!

sprinkle fine silver glitter on the top of the terrarium

Step 12

I added a gold ribbon to hang it.

Add a gold ribbon to the snowman ornament

Think about all the places you can hang it from! The mantel, a light fixture, and…YES…the tree! It has a flat bottom so it can be set down on a side table too.

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As Promised….The FULL Video Tutorial!

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Decorating a snowman terrarium
Decorating a snowman terrarium dollar tree craft

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