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Dollar Tree Ornament Makeover #1: Rustic Snowman

I found this ornament at Dollar Tree, in fact I found four!  I decided I would style the ornament four different ways!  This is the first and I'm going for a Rustic Snowman Christmas Ornament DIY!  Dollar store crafts are a great way to decorate on a budget and customize your Christmas decorations to reflect your personal style and home decor ideas!


Snowman ornament (Dollar Tree):
Snowman ornament (Amazon):
Ivory paint:
Green paint:
Crackle medium:
Berries (Dollar tree):
Berries (Amazon):
Jingle bells:
Hot glue:
Raffia (Amazon):
Raffia (Dollar Tree):

Wood ornament:  Check your local Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made it:

1.  I started with a blank ornament.

2.  I removed the string because I plan on reusing it later.

3.  I painted the ornament - front and back.  Tip:  You may notice that after you paint the first side, the wood will begin to bow.  When you paint the backside, it will straighten out.

4.  I painted on the crackle medium.  It goes on clear, so when you are applying it, hold the ornament at an angle, so you can see if you missed any spots.

5.  Once dry, paint on your contrasting color.  I used Christmas Green.  Tip:  When are painting on the top color, be sure not to over paint, or you will ruin the crackling.

The cracks start pretty quick!

6.  When dry, you will have beautiful cracks!  I wanted to seal the finish, so used a matte finish.  I painted it on front and back.  If you get too many brush strokes, you can add some water to your brush and paint over it.  It should take care of the brush strokes.

7.  If you painted the hole shut, you can use your craft knife to open it back up.

8.  Here is the ornament I used and I applied hot glue and white glue to the back, to attach it.  The hot glue holds it in place, while the white glue dries.

9.  I placed my little jingle bells all around the ornament and glued them on.

10.  I tied a bow with raffia.

11.  I glued it on.

12.  I trimmed the raffia.

Here it is so far!

13.  I had some white berries and painted them a complimentary color.

14.  I glued them on.

15.  I used a thin wire and added three little jingle bells and twisted the wire together.   

16.  I glued the bell cluster onto the raffia bow.

17.  I reattached the string.

Here it is!  

I hope you like it.  I have at least three additional versions coming up, so stay tuned!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life's too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!

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