Easy Valentine’s Day Pencils DIY

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Here’s an easy craft, perfect to give as valentines to teachers, students, classmates, or just about anyone!  They are easy to make and the kids can probably do them all on their own!

**Note:  Both of these can be made out of either construction paper or craft foam! 

You will need:

–  Construction paper (pink)

–  Craft foam (red and gray)
–  Silver marker
–  Red marker
–  Valentines pencils 
–  Scissors
–  Glue stick
–  Hole punch

Here are some items available through Amazon (affiliate links), that might make things easier:

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Take a piece of paper and fold in in half.  From the fold, cut the shape of half a hear.  When unfolded, it should give you a full heart shape that will serve as your template.
2.  Take a piece of pink construction paper and trace the heart on the paper and cut it out.
3.  With a red marker write Be Mine, or whatever message you want to put on it.  Decorate with line or dots, or anything
4.  Cut a strip of scrap paper.  Place the decorated heart, with the blank side facing up.  Place your pencil on the back of the heart.  Put the strip of paper over the pencil and press it down on either side – make sure it is tight.
5.  Remove the strip of paper and turn it upside down.  With your glue stick, spread glue from the ends of the paper to where it was folded or indented.
6.  Place your pencil and the paper back on the backside of the heart and press it down.  Allow to dry.
7.  For the other heart, trace your template onto the red craft foam and cut out.
8.  Write your message on the front of the heart in silver marker.
9.  Take hole punch and punch two holes into opposites sides of the heart.  Put pencil through.
10.  Take gray craft foam and cut a triangle.  Fold it in half and cut two or three slits into the triangle.
11.  Weave the pencil through, but leave it at the end of the pencil.
12.  Cut a strip of gray craft foam.  Fold it in half and cut two or three slits.
13.  Weave the other end of the pencil through, also leaving it at the end of the pencil.
14.  On the diagonal, cute short slits into either side of the strip, to create a feather effect.
15.  Cut a triangle or “V” out of the end of the piece.

That’s it!  Now you have your easy Valentine party favors or as little gifts to give to friends, classmates, or teachers!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!


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