How To A Make Bird Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

How to make a bird Christmas tree ornament. If you love clip on bird ornaments, here is an easy DIY you can make to decorate your Christmas tree!

When you look out the window and gaze upon snow-covered trees, do you ever think about the little bird couples snuggled together to stay warm?

This is such a cute and easy Christmas ornament and what takes the longest is waiting for the paint to dry! You could have a tree full of these ornaments in an afternoon!

So I say to you again, Keep saving those toilet paper rolls!

If you haven’t seen the other toilet paper roll Christmas ornament projects, here you go:

Quick Video Tutorial

Materials You Will Need To Make The Bird Christmas Tree Ornament

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Directions for Bird Christmas Tree Ornament

Step 1: The Base for the Bird Christmas Tree Ornament

The base consists of a toilet paper roll and wood bark scrapbook paper. The scrapbook paper is printed with birch bark, or any bark print you can find. They have pretty realistic prints.

Toilet paper roll and bark scrapbook paper supplies for bird Christmas ornament

Take your toilet paper roll and wrap it in the bark scrapbook paper, to figure out what size you need.

Roll toilet paper roll in bark scrapbook paper

Step 2: Cut & Glue

Cut the paper to be larger than the toilet paper roll to ensure it will be covered.

Cut out scrapbook paper

Apply stick glue all over the backside of the scrapbook paper.

Roll the toilet paper roll into the paper.

Add stick glue to the back of the scrapbook paper

Step 3: Flaps

When you have it rolled up, make sure you have the seam well glued. Then, cut flaps into the ends that are longer than the roll.

Cut strips on each end of roll

Add a dab of hot glue.

Put dab of hot glue on end strips

Fold the flaps into the toilet paper roll.

Fold flaps down into the toilet paper roll for the bird Christmas tree ornament

Step 4: The Nest

The nest and its contents are the focal point of the bird Christmas tree ornament, so it’s time to build them. Use hot glue and twigs broken down to about an inch or so. You can buy twigs, but just walk outside and grab some for free!

You are just gluing them into a circle.

Hot glue twigs together to build a birds nest
Hot glue twigs together to create birds nest for Christmas ornament

Then, glue it to the toilet paper roll log.

Step 5: Spanish Moss

Hot glue some Spanish moss into the nest and give it a trim, so it’s not all crazy.

Hot glue and trim spanish moss in birds nest Christmas ornament

Step 6: Berries

Hot glue some fake berries to the base of the nest.

Hot glue red berries to the bird Christmas tree ornament

Step 7: The Clip To Secure the Bird Christmas Tree Ornament

If you like clip on bird ornaments, that is what we are making here. Use a clothespin to add to the bottom of the log. Easy peasy.

Hot glue clothespin to the bird Christmas tree ornament diy copy

Step 8: More Moss

Add more moss to the inside of the log. Those little touches to the bird ornament make all the difference!

Hot glue spanish moss into the sides of the bird Christmas tree ornament diy

Step 9: A Little Snow

It is a Christmas ornament, so a little snow seems in order! Use dimensional fabric glue, in white, and add snowy accents.

Add dimensional white paint for snow on the bird Christmas ornament

While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on clear or white glitter. It gives it an extra frosty appearance.

Sprinkle glitter onto wet paint for a frosty effect

Step 10: Clip On Bird Ornament

Now just let it dry.

Finished bird Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

The Bird Christmas Tree Ornament Reveal!

Because it’s a clip on bird ornament, it’s easy to tuck them onto a branch and they look so cozy in the Christmas tree!

It’s an easy craft and aside from waiting for some paint to dry, it’s pretty darn quick!

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How to make a Bird Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

If you don’t have time to make the bird Christmas tree ornament, here are some alternatives:

Here is a cute Bird Nest Christmas Ornament DIY I did a long time ago.

If you want to see the video tutorial for all five ornaments, you can find it HERE!

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Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!

Merry Christmas!


How to make a bird Christmas tree ornament DIY

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