How To Make A Paper Snowflake DIY | Christmas Ornament

How to make a paper snowflake using a toilet paper roll. It is an easy and glittery Christmas ornament DIY.

You know how I have been telling you to collect your toilet paper rolls? Well, here is another reason why!

Seriously, who doesn’t think snowflake DIYs when they think of toilet paper rolls?

If you thought you were going to find a paper snowflake drawing or a paper snowflake template, you are not. We are going to make paper snowflakes using toilet paper rolls. It’s so much better than a flat snowflake!

Toilet Paper Ornament DIYS

This has been a big year for toilet paper roll ornaments here at Craft Klatch. So, let’s do a quick recap!

Here is the quickie video tutorial for the flower and Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Supplies for How to Make a Paper Snowflake

This list is pretty short and you probably have most of it on hand already.

They are like free ornaments!

But incase you need to stock up on any supplies, here you go:

Paper Snowflake Ornament Directions

Step 1: Flatten

Use both hands to flatten the toilet paper roll. Give it a good crease.

Flatten toilet paper roll

Step 2: Cut

Cut the pieces for the paper snowflake. Cut strips that are approximately 1/2″ in width.

Cut strips from toilet paper roll about 1/2" width

Step 3: Cut Again

Using scissors, cut the end of the strips open. You can and should cut right on the crease you created.

Cut open one end of toilet paper roll strips

Step 4: Glue

Using hot glue, glue the pieces together. You want the cut side out.

Glue toilet paper roll strips together
Hold toilet paper roll pieces together while hot glue cools

Step 4: Start Curling

Once the pieces are all glued together, you should have a piece that kind of looks like a flower.

Toilet paper roll pieces glued together look like a flower copy

Curl the ends into one another and secure them with a dab of hot glue and it should look something like this. I know what you are thinking.

What about those messy looking pieces sticking up?

Curl the ends in and glue the together

Step 5: Trim

Give the ornament haircut. Trim off the pieces that are sticking out and looking messy!

Trim off loose edges on paper snowflake

Step 6: Paint

Paint the paper snowflake white

Step 7: Glue

Use either a clear drying glue or a Mod Podge and brush it all over the ornament.

Brush paper snowflake with clear glue

Step 8: Glitter It Up! Add a little pizzaz to the paper snowflake.

While the glue or Mod Podge is still wet, sprinkle with a clear or white glitter.

Sprinkle paper snowflake with glitter

Step 9: A Little Extra Sparkle To The Paper Snowflake

Glue two clear gems into the middle of the snowflake. It gives it a little extra sparkle.

Glue gem vase filler pieces to the center of the paper snowflake

Step 10: Punch A Hole

Punch a hole into one of the curves. I used a hole punch, but anything pointy will do.

Use a small hole punch to put a hole into the paper snowflake

Step 11: Hang the Paper Snowflake

Cut a length of fishing line, loop it and tie it off.

Use fishing line to make a hanger

Add a dab of glue to keep it in place.

Add a dab of glu to keep fishing line in place

Now you know how to make a paper snowflake ornament and you can go hang it up!

Paper snowflake ornaments hanging in tree
Grouping of handmade Christmas ornaments

Every Snowflake Is Unique

Maybe you love snowflakes, but paper snowflakes aren’t for you. I also have a Big Glitter Resin Snowflake Decoration, a Resin Snowflake Coaster, and a beautiful Button Snowflake to frost up your decor!

You Have Run Out Of Snowflake Crafting Time!

Of course, if you don’t have time for crafting because the holidays are getting away from you, here are some beautiful snowflakes to add to your holiday decor:

Thank you for stopping by!

Remember: Life’s too short no to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Your snowflake ornament is beautiful. Love glittery ornaments on the tree and white snowflakes show up exceedingly well! I like your enchanted bird house and the flower made from tp rolls also! Reduce, reuse, repurpose!


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