How To Make An Enchanted Birdhouse Christmas Ornament

How to make an enchanted birdhouse Christmas ornament using toilet paper rolls! It’s an easy recycling craft that is sure to wow!

Don’t throw away those toilet paper rolls!

I know I have said this before, but toilet paper rolls are crafting gold! They are free! People will collect them for you…if you ask! There are so many ways to use them and today, I’m going to show you how to make an enchanted birdhouse Christmas ornament.

I wanted it to look like it was out of a fairy tale, so I gave it a fun shape, glitter, candy canes and an oversized Christmas light…and of course cute little birds!

5 Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Ornaments

Never underestimate the value of an empty toilet paper roll!

Holding empty toilet paper roll to make a Christmas ornament

I recently made five toilet paper roll Christmas ornaments and this is one of them.

I also made:

You can find the video showing ALL of the toilet paper roll ornaments at the end of this post!

5 Reasons You Should Make Recycled or Upcycled Christmas Ornaments?

  1. It’s great for the environment! Think how many toilet paper rolls will not end up in a landfill if we all made just one toilet paper roll Christmas ornament!
  2. It’s cheap! If you do any crafting at all, you probably have some glue, glitter, and paint on hand. That is enough to make at least one ornament without any additional expense!
  3. It’s homemade with love! Seriously, if you go to the trouble to make somebody something out of nothing, you put some love into it!
  4. Sense of accomplishment! If you take something meant for the trash and turn it into something beautiful, you are going to feel some serious pride about that!
  5. Nobody needs to know! You could fill up your whole tree with homemade toilet paper roll Christmas ornaments and if you do a good job, nobody will be the wiser! You might even get some amazing compliments.
Enchanted birdhouse ornament banner

How To Make An Enchanted Birdhouse Christmas Ornament Supplies

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Full disclosure: This project is going to feel like a lot of steps, but that is only because I have really, really broken it down. A lot of the steps take very little time, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t skip anything and leave you wondering.

Seriously, in step one, I just flatten the toilet paper roll. It’s barely a step!

Don’t get overwhelmed by the number.

Just like age…it’s just a number!

Step 1: Flatten it

Flatten the toilet paper roll. It just makes it easier to cut. Have you ever tried cutting one straight without flattening it first? Good luck!

Just squish it flat. It won’t make any difference in the end product.

Flatten empty toilet paper roll with two hands

Step 2: Cut it

All you need is for it to be around two inches in width.

Cut two inch piece of toilet paper roll with scissors copy

Step 3: A Hole

You want to cut a little hole or door into the side of the birdhouse. Press firmly, but you only want to get through the top layer. The birdhouse does not need a back door.

Use craft knife to cut an opening out of toilet paper roll

It should look something like this…

Toilet paper roll after opening has been cut out

Step 4: Cut A Round

Use the leftover piece of toilet paper roll and cut it in half. You can trace around the piece you already have and cut it out. This will serve as the floor for the piece you cut in the previous step.

Cut out circle from toilet paper roll copy

Step 5: Sprinkle of Glitter

Use Mod Podge and brush it on the walls of the house and the base and sprinkled them with fine green glitter.

Brush toilet paper roll with Mod Podge or clear drying glue
Sprinkle toilet paper circle with green glitter
Sprinkle toilet paper roll with green glitter to make the Christmas ornament

Step 6: Cut A Circle

You want to cut out a circle. I broke out my circle cutter. I went as large as the 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper would let me go.

Circle cutter on paper

Step 7: Fold And Cut

Once you cut out your circle, fold it twice. That will give you a line to cut. Cut from the edge to the middle. This will allow you to make a messy cone.

Fold paper circle
Cut slit into circle

Step 8: Roll It

I have shown you How To Make A Cone Out Of Paper before, which is easy. However, I did not do it that way because I want this to have a messy, not perfect look. You’ll see what I mean.

Roll the paper into the shape of a cone. Use hot glue to to keep the shape.

Remember: You are not looking for perfection!

Roll the paper circle into a cone

Step 9:

Insert a wire and have it poke through the top of the cone.

Stick wire through the top of the cone

You can keep it in place with a dab of hot glue if needed.

Stick wire piece through top of cone

Step 10: Cut Fringes

Go around the bottom and cut fringes.

Cut slits at bottom of paper cone

Step 11: Paint It

Use red acrylic paint to paint the cone. Then place it down on wax paper and press it down so the fringes go outward and lay flat on the wax paper.

Crinkle and paint paper cone red

Use a little bit of toilet paper to cover the wire at the top and make sure you paint it red also. The paint will help it all stick together.

Cover wire and cone with toilet paper

Step 12: Easy Merry Christmas Sign

Paint a popsicle stick gray and wipe off the excess.

Paint popsicle stick gray

Use a black marker to write Merry Christmas.

Write Merry Christmas on popsicle stick

Cut it down to size and put it aside to dry.

Cut down popsicle stick

Step 13: Sparkle For The Roof

Use Mod Podge on the cone (roof) and sprinkle with red glitter.

Paint red cone with Mod podge or clear drying glue
Sprinkle cone with red glitter

Step 14: Glue It Together

Glue the walls to the base.

Glue the green piece to the base

Glue the house to the roof.

Glue house to roof

Step 15: Accessorize

This is the fun part! Glue the sign onto the front of the roof.

Glue on wood sign to the Christmas ornament

Add little candy canes.

Glue candy canes onto the enchanted birdhouse craft

Add a little Christmas light and don’t forget the birds!

Enchanted birdhouse Christmas ornament

Step 16: Give It A Base

Glue it onto a little wood round.

 Glue to birch base

Step 17: Add Berries

Trim little berries off a stem and glue them onto the base.

Trim and glue on red berries
Glue on red berries to the how to make an enchanted birdhouse christmas ornament

Step 18: Let It Snow!

Add white dimensional paint, which looks great as snow!

Add white paint to the enchanted birdhouse christmas ornament craft

Sprinkle clear chunky glitter on the wet paint to give it a frosty look!

Sprinkle with clear glitter

That’s it! Now, I’ve shown you How To Make An Enchanted Birdhouse Christmas Ornament!

Look at this cute Christmas ornament you can tuck into the branches of your Christmas tree! Or you can have it sitting on a side table as a unique Christmas decoration.

How to make an enchanted birdhouse Christmas ornament
How to make an enchanted birdhouse Christmas ornament

I’m all for saving time!

I understand that the holidays are hectic and sometimes you can’t fit in your crafting. Luckily, there are some great ornaments that you can order to give you that handmade and down-home Christmas feel!

These are some great alternatives that you can embellish and make better and you don’t have to start from scratch:

If you just want to do some Christmas decorating with some adorable birds, I totally get it! These might just put you in the spirit:

Bird Houses

In looking for birdhouse ornaments, I might have gotten sucked down into a birdhouse wormhole! I found the CUTEST birdhouses EVER and just had to share!

There are birdhouses for EVERYONE! From a winery, to a tiki hut, to a church, to a biker bar…Yes, I’m still talking about birdhouses!

5 Christmas Ornaments Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls Video!

Okay, back to toilet paper rolls! If you want to see how to make the other toilet paper roll Christmas ornaments, click to see the VIDEO!

Other Christmas Crafts To Try

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I have so many crafts and Christmas crafts for you to try! Be sure to spend a little time looking around!

Merry Christmas and remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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