Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

Easy Christmas tree ornament DIY using toilet paper rolls. No one will ever know! Who doesn’t love Christmas decorations on a budget?

Greg always knows when Christmas is coming, not by the change in the weather or the date on the calendar.

No. No.

It’s when he’s going to throw away the mini-mountain of empty toilet paper rolls that has suddenly appeared on a random table or countertop and I poke my head around the corner and say, “I’m saving those!

There is always a big eye roll and a little bead of panic sweat. He claims that every year around Christmas I leave a trail of glitter in my wake that leads out of my craft room and straight up the stairs…

No comment…

Nonetheless (putting Greg’s panic aside), this year I decided to gather my toilet paper rolls and make five Christmas ornaments. Yes! Five!

You can see them all in the video below!

I wasn’t sure where I was going when I started. The first one was actually a redo of one I did many years ago, the Christmas Flower Ornament. I did an Enchanted Birdhouse Ornament, which looks like it should be in a fairy garden and I have a Snowflake Ornament and Two Birds on A Log! Keep an eye out for those!

Pile of empty toilet paper rolls

I do like to make recycling crafts and even did a challenge with a fellow blogger to make a Christmas decoration using toilet paper rolls. You can find more information on those fun projects in my Frosty Christmas Star post! I think you will be shocked when you see what was made out of toilet paper rolls!

If you want to see a toilet paper craft alternative, I actually stuck some in resin to make a Tie Dye Coaster!

Supplies You Will Need to Make the Christmas Tree Ornament

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Directions for Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

Step 1: Cut

You want to start by simply cutting one toilet paper roll lengthwise. One cut from one end to the other.

Cut toilet paper roll lengthwise

Step 2: Roll

Roll toilet paper roll into a cone.

Roll Toilet paper roll into a cone

Step 3: Glue

Hot glue it together. You will want to hold it together for a minute or so, until the hot glue cools.

Glue cone with hot glue

Step 4: Trim

Trim the cone so the bottom is flat.

Trim bottom of cone

Step 5: Yarn

Put a little hot glue into the tip of the cone. Add the end of your green yarn.

Glue green yarn into top of toilet paper christmas tree ornament

Wind the yarn around, making sure you occasionally add more glue.

Glue and wrap yarn around christmas tree ornament
Wrap yarn around toilet paper craft Christmas tree ornament

Step 6: Tuck

When you are finished covering the toilet paper roll, trim the end and tuck it under. Use a dab of glue to secure it in place.

Trim the yarn and glue the edge

Step 7: Sprinkle

Use Mod Podge or clear drying glue to add little dots onto the Christmas tree ornament. Paint it right on top of the yarn.

Brush Christmas tree ornament with Mod Podge

Then, sprinkle fine green glitter on top of the dots and tap off the excess.

Sprinkle toilet paper Christmas tree ornament with green glitter

Step 8: Star

Fold a scrap piece of toilet paper roll in half.

Fold piece of toilet paper roll in half

Draw a star and cut it out.

Cut out star out of toilet paper roll

Step 9: Glitter

Use Mod Podge to glue the two stars back to back, with a fishing line in between. Brush the star with Mod Podge and sprinkle with gold glitter.

Glue fishing line between two stars and add glitter

Step 10: Trunk

Cut a piece of toilet paper roll and roll into into a cylinder shape. Use hot glue to keep its shape. Paint it brown.

Paint toilet paper roll tree trunk

Step 11: Attach

Use hot glue on one end of the trunk. Place the glue side into the tree cone.

Hot glue the tree trunk into tree cone

Step 12: Top It Off

Glue the star to the top of the tree. I left little ends of the fishing line poking through the bottom of the star. I inserted those into the top of the tree to allow it to hang onto it better.

Glue star to top of toilet paper roll christmas tree ornament

Here is the video with the

5 Christmas Tree Ornaments Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls!

5 Easy Christmas ornaments made out of toilet paper rolls

The Reveal

That is it! I’m not sure it could be much easier! It’s a budget friendly Christmas decoration. It’s easy to make and has the charm of a homemade Christmas.

Christmas tree ornament hanging in tree
finished toilet paper roll christmas tree ornaments

If you don’t have time to make these trees, here are some alternatives to deck the halls!

Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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