How To Make Polar Bear Resin Art DIY

Today we are making a polar bear with a sparkling personality! It’s a twist on resin art! It is a fun home decor idea and neutral enough to go with any room decor!

Typically, polar bears live in the arctic, but it doesn’t mean they can’t spend a little time at your house!

I have made two other polar bear projects that you might enjoy. They were made as ornaments, but ornaments aren’t just for the holidays anymore!

Polar Bear Resin Ornament (would look amazing hanging in a window)

Polar Bear Polymer Clay Ornament

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Materials you will need:

Video Tutorial

Here is the quickie video tutorial, you can find the longer, detailed one on YouTube HERE!


Step 1: The Polar Bear

Find your wood bear.

I found this polar bear cutout and thought it would be perfect for a resin art project! You can find one (hint: check material list above) or if you are a creative woodworker, you can easily make one!

Unfinished wood polar bear cut out

Step 2: Features

Use a black paint marker to distinguish the features.

Use black paint marker to darken features

Step 3: Shadowing

Use gray paint to give the back legs and back ear a shaded quality, so it doesn’t look flat.

Use gray paint to darken the shadowed areas of the polar bear

Step 4: Arctic White

Once dry, paint the front and backsides white.  I went over everything.

Paint white over front of polar bear

Step 5: Repeat

You want to do the features and the shadowing again. Then, paint it all white. Then, add the features and shadowing one last time.

Paint gray shadowed areas on polar bear
Use a black paint marker to color in features

Step 6: Tape

Use tape to line the bottom edge of the back of the polar bear. Be sure to burnish it down, so there is a good seal.

Line bottom edge of polar bear with painter tape
Burnish the edge of the tape to get a good seal

Step 7: Excess

With a craft knife, cut off excess tape from around the bear.

Cut off excess tape with a craft knife

It should look something like this…

Back of polar bear with tape trimmed

Step 8: Tip Time

Tip: Use petroleum jelly on the edge of the tape, so the resin drips on the bottom are easily removed once cured. You just need a very thin layer.

Add Vaseline to edge of tape

Step 9: Resin

Mix your resin according to the package directions. Then, add a white and/or clear glitter. Mix it really well. Use your stir stick to move it around and make sure the edges are covered.

Pour glittery resin over polar bear

Step 10: Torch it

Use a torch or a lighter to pop the bubbles in the resin. Let it cure a minimum of 12 hours before touching and handling.

Use torch to pop the bubbles in the resin

Step 11: Tape

Once cured, remove the tape from the backside.

Remove the tape from the back of the polar bear

The Reveal

Once finished, you can put the polar bear on the a shelf, mantel, or hang it on the wall using the removable sticky pads!

Up close, you can see the sparkle!

Close up of glitter polar bear
Finished Polar bear art

Polar Bear Decor Alternatives

If you love polar bears, but this isn’t the project for you, there are still great ways to bring the arctic to your room decor with the mighty white bear!

From polar bear sheets, to a considerate bear to hold your phone are a few ideas:

Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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