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I am excited to announce a new series that I am starting on Craft Klatch®.

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I love to craft and since you are reading this, you probably love to craft too! 

What is Project Show You Care™? 
Project Show You Care™ is a series on Craft Klatch® geared toward practical, useful, creative projects that you can make to donate.  A small gesture or a helping hand can make a world of difference for someone in need. 

The tutorials and projects I have here will be ones that you can craft and donate.  The library will expand over time.  Don’t worry, there will be projects for all skill levels, so everyone can get involved!

The mission is simple:  Craft a little love to share.
The Crafting Dilemma
As crafters and DIYers, we like to make stuff….okay….we LOVE to make stuff.  We love to make stuff for ourselves, we love to make stuff to give as gifts and maybe we even sell some of that stuff.  In the end, it’s about the love of creating and hoping someone else appreciates our efforts.

At the same time, the trouble with crafting is we LOVE to make stuff and sometimes too much stuff.  Project Show You Care™ is an outlet for your creativity and craftiness and in the process you can help someone who really needs it.  Think of it as crafting with a purpose!  
Worldwide Need
Since we are all located around the world and there is need worldwide, certainly you can choose to donate the item(s) locally to a charity of your choice.  I will be highlighting specific charities and specific projects on Project Show You Care™.  I will provide specific instructions, what they need and where the items can be donated.

I have been in touch with a number of organizations and discussed their needs. 

Here is a list of organizations we will be working with:

Charities I’m starting out with:
Enchanted Makeovers:
Project Linus:
Operation gratitude:
Sew Gorgeous:
Comfort for Critters:

Be sure to come back regularly for more charities and more projects!
Get the Word Out
Over time, maybe some of your favorite YouTubers and bloggers will also take part and share their version of the projects.  Be sure to spread the word and let them know!

Share this with your friends, family and co-workers, so they too can make a difference and Craft A Little Love To Share!

Incase you aren’t familiar with me, check out my channel, Craft Klatch® I do crafts and DIYs.  If you are not yet a part of the community, be sure to SUBSCRIBE.  We are a creative and crafty bunch!

May the sun always shine on you and may you be the light in other peoples’ lives.

Mona Schmitt

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  1. Mona,
    I just found your YouTube channel today and was drawn in by your passion, so I subscribed immediately! I can't wait to find out how I can use my sewing stash to help! How is your project going so far, nearly 2 years later? Many of us are so blessed and need to use our time and talents to share with those who are less fortunate. I look forward to checking out your links and hearing more. Thanks for using your influence for good.


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