How to Make Snowflake Votives [Video]

This a perfect, inexpensive and festive craft for the holidays or the whole winter season! I’ll show you how to make snowflake votives with Dollar Tree items!

They are perfect to brighten those cold winter nights!

Supplies to Make Snowflake Votives

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How to Make Snowflake Votives Video Tutorial

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Step 1

I started with square votives I picked up at Dollar Tree.

Two square votives from dollar tree

Step 2

 Take your tissue paper and punch out a bunch of snowflakes.

Punch a bunch of snowflakes out of blue tissue paper

 *TIP: Fold the tissue paper a couple of times. This allows you to get a cleaner punch and you get multiple snowflakes at once.

Step 3

Using your Mod Podge, paint inside the votives and gently place your snowflakes onto the Mod Podge. Use your brush to gently tap it down. Repeat with the different colors. I worked one side at a time.

To make snowflake votives brush Mod Podge on the inside of the square votives

Step 4

Allow everything to dry.

How to make snowflake decorations you have mod podge and snowflake cut outs inside the glass votives

Step 5

 Take your Mod Podge and pour some into a disposable cup and add your glitter.  

Pour silver glitter into cup to make snowflake votives

Step 6

Brush the glitter/Mod Podge mixture inside the votive and then immediately sprinkle with dry/loose glitter. Shake out any excess.

Pour glitter into the mod podge filled votive

Step 7

 Allow everything to dry. This will take time. You will know it is dry when it is all clear.

Allow snowflake votives to dry

Step 8

I used a battery operated votive, that flickers, inside the votive holder. I do not recommend using a regular candle because it might melt or burn your glitter.

Battery operated tea light

Now you have these beautiful wintery votives!

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Finished make a snowflake votives

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  1. These are great Mona! Simple but so elegant. Thank you for sharing your awesome craft projects with us. I really appreciate the video as well as the written instruction. You're a great instructor.

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  4. They're beautiful! I love the way they glow. I'd love if you'd link up to The DIY'ers.

  5. These are very pretty! I wonder if there would me a melting/heating conflict if you did everything on the outside of the votive holder, then used a real tealight/votive inside? Do you know? I hopped over from Clever Chicks blog hop.


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