Transform Your Space: Stunning Sunflower Basket Table DIY You’ll Love

If you saw our last episode of Craft or Crap, you saw me make this sunflower basket and turn it into a table. I wanted to put resin on it, so that’s what I’m doing today! I’m pouring resin into a basket!

I hope it works!

Materials Needed for the Sunflower Basket Table

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Sunflower Basket Table DIY Video Tutorial

Preparing the Sunflower Basket

Initial Setup

When I first picked up this basket for our Craft or Crap challenge, it looked like this.

Basket before being painted

After painting, it looked like this, and I made it part of a table.

Basket after being painted with a sunflower

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the Craft or Crap challenge video. I do a monthly Craft or Crap challenge with Chaz from Chaz’s Crazy Creations, and this was last month’s project.

I am totally ready to put resin on it!

Reshaping the Basket

Currently, it’s shaped like a bowl, which isn’t very functional for a table.

If I turn it inside out, it looks cute on the stand but still isn’t functional.

Sunflower basket turned inside out

My thought was to press in the center and that creates a place for me to pour some resin. It will create a better surface for a tabletop.

Pressing the center down in the sunflower basket table top

Remember, it’s art, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Applying the Resin to the Sunflower Basket

Step 1: First Coat

I’m starting with 2 oz of resin and using a dollar store brush to apply it. The first coat is to stiffen the sunflower basket up. I’m not sure how much will run through the basket weave, so I thought this was the best way to start.

Brushing resin on the sunflower basket table top

Using a disposable brush, I applied the resin, ensuring all areas were covered. I’m not seeing any bubbles, so there’s no need to pop any. Let this cure for a while.

Step 2: Backside Application

The top has cured enough to flip it over and do the backside. I want to seal the basket side too before adding another layer on the top. Using the same brush thanks to the Quick Clean, I applied another 2 oz, focusing on the inner part to seal it.

Brushing resin on the backside of the sunflower basket

Building Up the Resin Layers

Step 3: Adding More Resin to the Sunflower Basket

I mixed 2 oz of resin and poured it into the center of the sunflower basket. While painting the basket with resin, nothing leaked through.

Pouring resin into the middle of the sunflower basket table top

I felt confident, mixed 2 oz of resin, and poured it into the center of the sunflower basket

I added another 2 oz and used a heat gun to pop the bubbles.

Step 4: Taping for Security

Unfortunately, when I heated the resin, I think it liquified to the point that it was able to run through the basket weave.

Adding painters tape to the back of the basket

Once everything had cured, to avoid further leaks, I applied painter’s tape on the underside where I was going to pour. I poured 4 oz of resin and let it cure for a minimum of 12 hours. The bubbles popped easily!

Final Touches

Step 5: Attaching the Candeholder

After curing, I removed the tape. The resin set nicely, and the top is now sturdy. Although not 100% uniform, it looks good.

You could use it as a tray, but I’m attaching it to a candle holder so it can become a sunflower basket side table.

Trimming off pointy part of the candleholder

I trimmed the pointy piece off the candle holder and used ClearWeld epoxy to attach it to the basket. Once dry, it looked great! Talk about a perfect table for summer!

Attaching the candlestick to the bottom of the sunflower basket to turn it into a table

Resin Outdoor Table Tops and More

This project turned out amazing! It brightens up any area and adds a touch of summer fun. Whether you use it as a resin outdoor table top or keep it inside, it’s a versatile piece of resin table furniture.

Sunflower basket side table

If you’re into vintage looks, this project can also be adapted to create a charming vintage resin table.

Sunflower basket table top finished with resin and a tropical drink
completed basket table with tropical drink

This DIY project is a fantastic example of how to pour resin on a table top, transforming a simple basket into a stunning and functional piece. For those looking to create their own resin table furniture, this step-by-step guide is perfect.

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