Golf Ball Buddy Craft

Do you ever wonder what to get a golfer?  How about making something fun?  Make it for your husband or your father.  Have the kids help!  Your Golf Ball Buddy can be happy or grumpy.  Make it look like the person you are making it for, or go off in a totally different direction.  There is no wrong or right!!

These are great to hang on a golf bag, or make as an ornament.  Think holiday gifts!

Have fun with it and I would LOVE to see what you come up with!  Post your photos on our Facebook page, or send them to [email protected] and I’ll include them in a future post!
Here are a few examples:

Here is the video tutorial:
–  1 Golf ball
–  1 Eye hook
–  White, black, flesh and whatever hair color you want acrylic paint
–  Black permanent marker – can use black paint instead
–  Paint brush (small/thin)
–  Glue – plain white glue
–  Embroidery thread or yarn similar to hair color
–  Final finish – spray varnish or polyurethane
1.  Take a drill or use something to puncture the outside layer of the golf ball.  Be careful.  You do not need to drill very far.  Just getting past the white layer is all you need.  Take the eye hook and screw it into the golf ball – should go in very easily.
2.  Paint golf ball flesh color and let dry.  I take a wire and loop it through the eye hook and hang it to dry.
3.  Take the back of the paint brush and dip it in the white paint.  Make two dots where you want the eyes to be.   Let dry.
4.  Take back of paint brush and dip into the black paint.  Use that to make the black pupils for the eyes.  You can use the black permanent marker if you prefer.  
5.  Use the black permanent marker and draw the mouth.
6.  Take paint brush and paint on the hair with whatever color you have chosen and let dry.
7.  Meanwhile, snip the yarn or embroidery thread into pieces for the hair.  When hair paint  is dry, glue on the thread or yarn to give the hair texture.  Let dry.  When dry, take the hair paint color and paint over the yarn or thread.  It pulls the whole look together.  Let everything dry.
8.  When dry, use a finish spray, or brush on varnish or polyurethane to help protect your Golf Ball Buddy!  
Let it dry and give as a gift!   Enjoy!  Enjoy!  Enjoy!
I’d love to see your creations!  Send them to me, or post them on my Facebook page at
Happy Crafting!  

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