Wish Bracelet Craft

Have you every heard of a wish bracelet?  Well here are a few:

The idea behind a wish bracelet is fun.  You take the bracelet and tie it on your wrist.  While tying it on your wrist, you make a wish.  You wear the bracelet until it falls off on it own and legend has it your wish will come true!

These are fun for kids and adults alike!  Who doesn’t like to believe in wishes coming true?  You can take it one step further and choose colors with specific meanings.  Take time to research the meaning of different colors.  If you have a sick friend make one with a color that symbolizes healing.  For your girlfriend who feels she has kissed too many frogs and can’t find her prince, make a pink one that signifies love.

Here is the video tutorial:

Have fun with it and I’d love to see and hear what you come up with!  I love feedback!

Happy Crafting!


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