Golf Ball Santa Ornament Craft Tutorial

Create this fun craft for the holidays!  It’s Santa!

You will need:
–  Golf ball
–  Acrylic paint in red, black, flesh and pink
–  Felt in red and white
–  One white pom pom
–  Eye screw
–  Drill
–  Wire, ribbon or fishing line
–  Hot glue or a tacky glue
Here is the video tutorial:
1.  Drill or start a hole in the top of the golf ball.  
2.  Take eye screw and it easily screws into the golf ball.
3.  Paint the golf ball a flesh color and let dry – if you add the wire, you can hang it to dry
4.  Paint two dots for eyes in black (use the back of a paint brush or the back of a skewer)
5.  Make a red dot for the mouth
6.  Use pink to make rosy cheeks – optional to do a little white hair with white acrylic paint
7.  With the pointy end of the skewer, draw a black outline around the mouth
8.  Allow all painting to dry
9.  Cut white felt into mustache, beard, eyebrow and hat trim pieces
10.  Cut red into a cone shape for the hat
11.  Glue cone shape together and glue to top of head – leave a hole in the top of the hat so the wire, ribbon or fishing line can stick out and it can be hung
12.  Glue trim a around bottom of hat
13.  Glue eyebrows, beard and mustache pieces in place
14.  Glue pom pom into place
15.  Allow to dry and enjoy your ornament
It’s a great gift for a golf enthusiast!  Perfect gift topper!
Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!

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