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Who doesn’t like penguins? Penguins are so darn cute! Maybe we ought to start a penguin club…not for Penguin from Batman, but for cute fuzzy penguins. Well, since a penguin club probably won’t happen, I’ll show you how to make penguin fabric coasters instead!

This project is a great Christmas craft idea, a beautiful home decor set for the holidays and it has super cute penguins in Santa hats!

Win! Win! And Big Win!

Before we get started on the project, let’s learn 5 Fun Facts About Penguins!

5 Fun Facts About Penguins

  1. Penguins cannot fly, but they have flippers and are excellent swimmers.
  2. Penguins lose all their feathers once a year – ALL OF THEM – it takes about 2-3 weeks! It’s called a catastrophic molt. Every time I look at the drain of my shower, I think I’m going through a catastrophic molt.
  3. They are dedicated parents. Both mom and dad stick around for several months to raise the baby penguin and make sure it is strong enough to hunt for food on its own.
  4. Emperor penguins are the tallest and can be four feet tall. Think for a minute how tall four feet actually is. That would go up to my chest…that’s one big bird!
  5. Adult penguins have slick feathers, but the babies are fuzzy and fluffy. They look so soft and cute, I just want to give a baby penguin a big snuggly hug!

Now let’s get back on track on how to make the penguin fabric coasters, so you can start decorating for the holidays!

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Supplies You Will Need To Make The Coasters

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made the whole set:

Directions On How To Make The Penguin Fabric Coasters:

Step 1: Go Shopping!

I went shopping and found this super cute Christmas penguin fabric…

Mona holding up red, white and black penguin fabric

little metal Christmas trees…

and wood discs.

The discs are roughly 3.5 inches in diameter.

Step 2: Start Painting

I painted the discs white – front and back.

Step 3: Do A Little Trimmin’  

I trimmed a piece of fabric, a little bit larger than the disc. You can always trim it down later, but you can’t put it back on, if it’s too short.

Step 4: Apply the Mod Podge

I brushed the Mod Podge onto one side of the disc.

Step 5: Here Is Where the Penguin Fabric Comes In!  

I placed the fabric onto the disc and smoothed it down.

Step 6: Trim It

I trimmed the excess, right up to the edge of the disc.

Step 7: Seal the fabric

I brushed the Mod Podge on the fabric.

So far, so good!

Step 8: Keep Sealing!

Once it dried, I did two more coats, to make sure it was really sealed.  Be sure to check and make sure the edges are well sealed and down too.

Step 9: Paint The Back, Jack!

Once dry, I painted the backs and edges with a multi-surface black paint.  

Step 10: Avoid The Drips 

Once dry, I used painters tape to line the backs, so resin drips can be removed. 

Step 11: Too Much Tape

I used my craft knife to cut off the excess.

Step 12: Good Tip Ahead  

I put a thin coat of Vaseline on the edge of the tape, so the resin will release much easier. 

You will have drips under the coasters. They can be very difficult to remove and can require sanding. If you do this tip now, it will save you the hassle of sanding later.

Just be careful that you ONLY get the Vaseline on the bottom, not the sides or the top. We actually want resin to stick there!

Step 13: The Holder Molder

Since I was making a set, I wanted them to have a holder. That way, the penguin coasters could sit out and look nice.

To set up the holder for the coasters, I put the little Christmas trees in the mold. I just leaned them up on the edge of the mold.

Step 14: The Resin Runneth Over  

I mixed three ounces of resin, which is enough to coat the coasters and make the holder.

Resin poured on fabric penguin coasters

Step 15: A Little Help From My Friend  

I poured the resin onto the coasters and used my stir stick  to help it to the edges.

Step 16: Show Me The Glitter!

I had about one ounce left over and added chunky red, chunky black and fine silver glitter.  

Step 17: Don’t Disrupt The Trees 

I mixed it and poured it into the coaster mold, being careful not to pour too quickly, because I didn’t want the trees to fall over.

Step 18: Pop Those Bubbles

I used my lighter to pop the bubbles for the holder and the coasters.  Then I let everything sit for a minimum of 12 hours.

Step 19: A Drip By Any Other Name Is Still A Drip

Here are the drips on the bottom of the coasters.  With the tape and the Vaseline, it’s easy to pop the drips right off!

Step 20: Put A Cork On It!

I used a roll of cork, which is actually sticky shelf liner.

Step 21: Cut The Cork  

I cut a piece a little larger than the coaster.

Just like the fabric, you can trim the excess later, but you can’t add it back once you’ve cut it off.

Step 22: Glue It!

I added a little glue to the edge of the coaster. The shelf liner is already sticky, but I don’t know what the shelf life (get it?) for the adhesive on the shelf liner is. So, I add a good, clear drying glue, to help lengthen the life of the coaster and the cork.

Step 23: Things Are Getting Sticky  

I removed the backing from the shelf liner and put the penguin coaster down onto the sticky side of the cork. 

Cork being added to the back of the penguin fabric coasters

Step 24: A Last Little Trim  

I rubbed it down and then cut off the excess with my craft knife.

Step 25: Rough Around The Edges  

I used a file to smooth any rough edges on the cork, so it’s nice and finished.

Here they are all finished and those penguins are so cute!!! Now let’s finish the holder!

Step 26: Pull Out That Holder! 

The holder cured and I removed it from the mold, in all its glitter glory!

It makes the cutest set for Christmas or as a hostess gift!  

Now you know how to make penguin fabric coasters!

Finished penguin fabric coasters

Thanks so much for stopping by!  

Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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