Dollar Tree Ornament Makeover #4: Gingerbread Ornament

Dollar Tree Ornament Makeover #4 is finally here! We are going traditional with a gingerbread ornament. Gingerbread decorations for Christmas are festive and fun! It offers a whimsical and homey feel!

When you are thinking of gingerbread, think outside the oven!

Gingerbread isn’t just for cookies and houses anymore!

Look how easy it is to work gingerbread into your Christmas decor!

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Gingerbread can light up your life!

I used resin to make a gingerbread house that lives on year after year and I also used resin to make a large gingerbread man ornament that can even weather being outside!

Here is the quickie Gingerbread Ornament tutorial, but you can find the more detailed video if you CLICK HERE!

Materials you will need to make the Gingerbread Ornament:


Step 1: Get Ready To Make Gingerbread Decorations For Christmas

Collect your materials. I found this big ornament at Dollar Tree, but you can make your own! If you can’t find one that works for you, or if you want to make something truly original, go to a home improvement store, buy some wood and this is the saw I use! Love it!

This is my fourth makeover of this ornament. Be sure to check out the other three versions!

Holding unfinished Christmas ornament

These three wood gingerbread men were from Joanns.

Holding unfinished wood gingerbread men

The gems are from Hobby Lobby.  Be sure to scour your local craft stores for fun items to add.

Showing red green and white gems

Step 2

Remove the string from the ornament.

Showing red green and white gems

Step 3: A gingerbread ornament needs to be painted brown!

Paint it brown, front and back.

Painting unfinished Christmas ornament brown

Step 4

Paint the gingerbread men brown.

Painting gingerbread men ornaments brown

Step 5

Once dry, use dimensional fabric paint to add the details to the gingerbread men.

Decorate gingerbread men with white paint
Decorate gingerbread men with green fabric paint
Decorating gingerbread men with fabric paint

Step 6

The brown on brown looks pretty plain and needs a little contrast.

I struggled with it and realized even if the contrast was subtle, it needed something.

Three gingerbread men on brown Christmas ornament

Mix a matte varnish with copper glitter.

Adding copper glitter to matte varnish

Step 7

Brush the mixture onto the ornament.

Brush on the matte varnish and copper glitter mixture

Step 8

When dry, it gives it copper shimmer! Perfect!

Copper shimmer on Christmas ornament

Step 9

Use the dimensional fabric paint to add white around the edge.

Add white accent to the edge of the ornament

Step 10

Assemble what you have and work out your layout.

Arrange gingerbread men on ornaments

Step 11: It’s starting to look like a gingerbread ornament!

Add gems for a little sparkle.

Add gems for a bit of sparkle on the gingerbread Christmas ornament copy

Step 12

Glue everything together.

Glue gingerbread man onto Christmas ornament

Step 13

If you can find little ornaments or charms that look like candy, those are a perfect add to this ornament!

I had little mint ornaments.

Add candy ornaments

Step 14

Add little candy canes and glue them into place.

Add candy canes to the gingerbread ornament

So far, so good!

Partially finished gingerbread Christmas ornament

Step 15

Use ribbon to hang the ornament.

I had a mesh and added a thin red ribbon.

Brown mesh ribbon
Brown and red ribbon on gingerbread Christmas ornament

When you finish, you have an adorable Christmas decoration! It’s an ornament extraordinaire!

Mona holding gingerbread Christmas ornament diy

That’s it! I hope you like the projects. I had fun making them!  

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Happy Holidays and remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


Gingerbread Christmas Ornament DIY

No time to make the gingerbread ornament?

No problem! Here are some fun ways to work the gingerbread theme into your Christmas home decor:

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