Fun Santa Ornament Golf Ball Craft with Video Tutorial

Create this fun Santa craft for the holidays! It is an easy Christmas craft for preschoolers and adults alike!

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Supplies You Will Need For Fun Santa Ornament

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Fun Santa Ornament Video Tutorial

Fun Santa Golf Ball Ornament Directions

Step 1

Drill a hole in the top of the golf ball, insert and eye screw and paint it a flesh or peach color.

Paint golf ball with flesh colored acrylic paint and add an eye screw

Step 2

Using the back of a paintbrush, paint two dots for eyes in black.

Using the back of a paint brush, make face dots on the face for Santa's face

Step 3

Make a red dot for the mouth. Also, use a light pink to make rose cheeks. With the pointy end of the skewer, draw a black outline around the mouth

Optional: Do a little white hair with white acrylic paint.

Add features to fun Santa golf ball face with a skewer stick

Step 4

Cut white felt into a mustache, beard, eyebrows and hat trim pieces.

Cut out beard, eyebrows, mustache and hat trim from white felt

Step 5

Cut a piece of red felt and glue together to make a cone for the hat.

Glue a piece of red felt into a cone

Step 6

Glue the red cone to the top of the golf ball head. Leave a hole in the top of the hat so the fishing line or wire can stick out and it can be hung.

Glue on hat and pom pom to the fun golf ball Santa

Step 7

Glue on the felt eyebrows, beard and mustache.

Glue on the felt beard, mustache and eyebrows

Step 8

Glue the felt trim around the bottom of the hat.

Glue on the felt trim around the hat

It’s a great ornament gift for a golf enthusiast or a perfect gift topper!

Have fun with it! I’d LOVE to see what you make! Be sure to share it over on my Craft Klatch Facebook Group! It’s Free! ❤️

Fun Santa Golf ball ornament craft

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Fun Santa golf ball craft

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