Golf Ball Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament with Video

Turn an old golf ball into a snowman Christmas tree ornament! This is a great way to repurpose old golf balls and make a holiday gift! I went traditional red and green but you can customize the colors!

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Golf Ball Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

Supplies for the Golf Ball Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

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Golf Ball Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament Video Tutorial

Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament Directions:

Step 1

Drill a small hole in the top of the golf ball and insert an eye screw. It should screw in very easily. Paint the golf ball with white acrylic paint. It might need two coats and allow it to dry.

Golf ball painted white with an eye screw inserted

Step 2

Dip the end of a paint brush or skewer into black acrylic paint and make eyes and mouth on the snowman golf ball.

Use a skewer stick dipped in black paint to add snowman eyes and mouth to the golf ball

Step 3

Paint an orange triangle for the carrot nose

Paint orange carrot nose onto the white golf ball snowman

Step 4

Cut black felt into a circle and cut a hole in the middle.

Add a piece of circle felt with a hole in the middle for hat brim

Step 5

Cut a strip of black felt and glue it to make a tube for the top of the hat.

cut a strip of black felt and glue it into a tube

Step 6

Glue on the parts for the hat on the snowman.

Glue on hat pieces

Step 7

Cut red felt into a strip and overlap to create a scarf – use hot glue to tack it together. Then, glue it onto the snowman.

Glue on the scarf to the bottom of the snowman

Step 8

Take thin green ribbon and glue around the hat for trim.

Add green ribbon around the brim of the hat for trim

Step 9

Put a glob of hot glue on the hat and sprinkle with red beads or red glitter. Put a glob of hot glue on the scarf and sprinkle with green beads or green glitter!

Add red and green bugle beads to the snowman's hat and scarf

Step 10

Optional – Take slick fabric paint and run some along random edges of the snowman’s scarf and hat to look like snow. Then, sprinkle white or iridescent glitter on it while wet. Let everything dry.

Add white paint to edge of hat and sprinkle with white glitter for icy snow effect

Your snowman is ready to be enjoyed! It’s a great ornament to decorate the house, or to put on a package!

golf ball snowman Christmas tree ornament craft

Have fun with it! I’d LOVE to see what you make! Be sure to share it over on my Craft Klatch Facebook Group! It’s Free! ❤️

Golf ball snowman Christmas tree ornament DIY

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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