Garbage to Gorgeous! Episode #2: DIY Chair Makeover How To

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It makes me crazy when I see perfectly good stuff in the trash!  This time, I picked up a chair that had been tossed to the curb.  Some of the joints were loose, so my husband added some screws and glue and it’s nice and sturdy.  It was a little uneven, but that was easily fixed with a stick on scratch pad.  Now, it’s cute as can be and a great accent chair!

You will need:
–  Chalk paint – I found it at Home Depot
–  Fabric – I used fabric from Hobby Lobby
–  Paintbrushes
–  Foam
–  Quilt batting
–  Staple gun

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Clean your chair and remove cushion, fabric and foam.
2.  With sandpaper, sand the chair, so the paint will adhere.
3.  With a damp cloth, wipe the dust off the whole chair.  
4.  Paint the chair with the chalk paint, it will take two coats.
5.  Cut the foam, fabric and quilt batting to fit the chair.
6.  I like to do the corners first.  I show the technique I use in the video above.
7.  Then I do the sides.
8.  Once the paint is dry and the cushion is recovered, put the cushion back on.  Remember, when you remove the screws from the chair, put them in a safe place, so you have them when it comes time to reattach it.
That’s it!  This chair was a piece of garbage that would have ended up in a landfill and instead, it’s a fabulous accent chair!  Yay!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!  Keep an eye out on garbage day!  You never know what you might find!

Incase you missed Episode #1, here it is:

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  2. Gorgeous! That is a fun way of bringing back refuse. We ought to minimize waste as much as possible. Should we begin to dispose them, it should at least be in a way that won't be such a hindrance to other people and our surroundings. That is not only a great start, it's also among a set of alternatives. People should contemplate that more often. Great move on your part!

    Aaron Walters @ Green Clean Water and Waste

  3. Article is fine but I can’t able to see the images present in this post. Will you resolve this issue?


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