Garbage to Gorgeous® #17: Glam Resin Table Makeover ~ DIY

Garbage to Gorgeous® is back!!!  I’ve had this table in my garage FOR-E-VER!  

I found the table on the side of the road, in the trash.  The top had broken slate and it was a little rusty.  I decided to go for a glam resin look, while adding natural elements.  The last time I did something like this, it was the Beauty of Nature Coaster and I wanted to try it on a larger scale.  

You will need:
–  Old table:  I found mine in the garbage at the side of the road
–  Tools to clean it up:  I used a hammer, chisel and wire brush
Wire brush:
Pigment powders:
Rust converter:
Spray paint:
Dremel tool:

Items from nature:  sticks, dried leaves, sea shells, pine cones, shell of nuts, etc.  

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  I broke out the slate on the table.

2.  Using a wire brush, clean off the rust and give the table a general cleaning.

 3.  I first painted it with a rust inhibitor/remover and then followed up with a black spray paint.

4.  I added a layer of glue to seal any seams, to make sure the table didn’t leak, when I added the resin.  

 5.  I collected dried leaves, sticks, snail shells, walnuts, etc.

6.  I mixed resin and pigment powders.  I added leaves into the resin cups.  I added layers and layers of resin, added sticks, shells, leaves, etc.

7.  I kept adding layers.  The amount of resin needed, will depend on the size of your table.  Be sure to extra carefully pop bubbles, between layers.  Don’t set your table on fire!

8.  When the last layer cured, I took a rotary tool and cut it down. 

9.  Then, I sanded it…nice and smooth.

10.  I added a final layer of clear resin, which brought out the beauty!

11.  Here’s a close up of the table, but be sure to check out the video above and see all the beautiful sections on the table!

Face Mask

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4 thoughts on “Garbage to Gorgeous® #17: Glam Resin Table Makeover ~ DIY”

  1. I think your table is gorgeous as I live near the sea, I'm thinking more shells & seaweed, which comes in more colours than green 😀

  2. Your table is beautiful and just what I was looking for. I have a similar patio table that did not hold up to the weather but I insisted on keeping it even though my husband wanted to toss it. Could you tell me, please, your pigment powder to resin ratio — approximately. I've never attempted anything like this and I don't want to mess things up. Thank you!

  3. @Debby Hood
    Hi Debby – I'm not sure why I could not comment directly to your comment. Don't get hung up on the ratio of pigment powder to resin. I never measure. Add it until you like it. It should not react with the resin and it should cure fine. When you start adding the liquid pigments, you have to be careful and not add too much.

    Hope the helps!!!


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