Garbage to Gorgeous Episode #4: Table Makeover DIY How To Craft Klatch

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I found a table for five bucks and it went from garbage to gorgeous!

You will need:

–  A table (stripped or sanded)
–  Paint – since I stripped the table, I did not prime it before painting – I used acrylic craft paint in turquoise, slate gray and white
–  Stencil
–  Painter’s tape
–  Polyurethane or similar varnish – I used shiny, but satin would look nice too.

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Clean your table.  Sand it, or strip it.  If you are only going to sand it, you might want to prime it first.  Once it is clean and dry, you are ready to get started.
2.  With painter’s tape, tape off the top of the table.  Paint the turquoise on the legs, trim around the top and the sides.  This will take two coats.
3.  Remove the tape and allow to dry.
4.  Once dry, use painter’s tape and tabs the trim.
5.  Paint the top of the table, with the gray paint.  Allow to dry.
6.  Tape you stencil to the top of the table.  Take your white paint and a stencil brush.  Dip your brush into the paint and rub most of it off onto a paper towel.  Begin tapping the brush down vertically.  Do not brush from side to side.  You don’t want the tape to get under the stencil.
7.  Pull of stencil immediately when you are finished.  Allow to dry.
8.  Line up the stencil and tape it in place.  Repeat until the table is covered.
9.  Once dry, put two coats of a protective finish on.  Read directions on how soon second coats can be applied.
10.  Let dry!
That’s it!  
Thanks for stopping by and go redecorate the world!  Happy Crafting!

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