5 Wall Art Projects You Can Do With Your Kids by Danielle Hegedus (Guest Post)

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School is out or almost out for the summer and you are going to need to find some activities to keep the kids busy.  Have them create some original artwork to liven up your home decor!  I have a fun guest post for you today.  Danielle Hegedus, from Modernize.comscoured the internet and here is what she found:

5 Wall Art Projects You Can Do With Your Kids

Via Curious Kids Preschool 

There’s no need to spend a fortune on art for your home when there are so many fun DIY projects that you can do as a family. Making your own artwork will give you the opportunity to spend great quality time with your children, save money, and decorate your home with artwork that is stylish and very sentimental to you. Here are five wall art projects that look great and are a ton of fun to work on with your kids. 

Discover the Joys of Modge Podge 
You can modge podge almost anything onto a canvas. I’ve also used it on wood and beat-up furniture that I wanted to give a fresh look. For this project, work with your family to cut out letters from old magazines to spell out a message that resonates with your family. In this case, they spelled out, “I love you,” and created a cool, modern look. If you don’t have experience with modge podge, use it liberally–it looks like glue, but dries clear. 

I also hang onto every birthday or holiday card that my family ever receives from friends and family members. All of those cards really start to add up though and storage can be a challenge. I recently cut up images and messages from those cards and used modge podge to create a collage out of the cards for our living room. I love walking by and seeing my mother’s handwriting and loving messages. 

If you  have younger children, here is another fun one that you can make with the alphabet. Go on a letter hunt throughout your neighborhood, and take pictures of all the letters you can find. Print out photos and use modge podge to adhere to a canvas or board. 

Make a Bold, Interesting Wreath While Decluttering Your House
Have you ever tried to throw away a random toy (or piece of a toy) that your child doesn’t play with anymore? If so, you know that situation can turn ugly. Help clear out the toy box (and the risk to your bare feet) by working with your child to bring all of their miscellaneous toys into one eclectic art piece. Cut a wreath shape out of foam core board and then use a hot glue gun to place all of your children’s treasured items into place. I guarantee, wherever you choose to hang your wreath, it will cause guests to linger and smile as they explore all of the collected treasures. 

Via Pinterest 

Make Your Artwork Multi-Functional
I love the color that this piece brings into the room–a great solution for renters who aren’t allowed to paint–and it also creates the illusion of a headboard to help tie the entire room together. You’ll need a yardstick (or something similar to form the base), scrapbook or colorful paper, a die cut or circle patterns, and glue and tape. Here is a tutorial to assist you. 

Choose an Unexpected Canvas
Pegboard gives your children a versatile canvas on which they can continually be creating. You can paint the pegboard any color to make it really pop and work with the decor in your child’s room, the dining room, or wherever you choose to place this ever-changing artwork. Pencils work as simple anchors for designs created with yarn or rubberbands. Start with simple shapes and then move into more complicated designs to help your children build spacial awareness.  

Gallery Walls Work for Children’s Art, Too! 
What better way to build the confidence of your burgeoning young artist than by prominently displaying their masterpieces! This clipboard gallery wall is a nice change of pace from frames, and gives you the flexibility to easily change out pieces as your child creates new artwork. 

You can also create a gallery wall that is informal and easy to update using washi tape. 

I hope these suggestions will inspire you to create some artwork and memories with your children! 

For more DIY project ideas and other design inspiration, head to Modernize.com.

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