Bird Nest Christmas Ornament

Here’s a cute little craft to attach to the tree.  Momma bird is out Christmas shopping!

You will need:

–  3 embroidery thread colors
–  Liquid starch
–  2 wooden eggs
–  Cardstock
–  Red permanent marker
–  Fine red glitter
–  Green paint
–  White glue
–  Toothpick
–  White dimensional paint
–  Diamond dimensional paint (optional)
–  Wire
–  Small balloon
–  Triple Thick

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Fill a bowl with liquid starch and blow up the balloon.
2.  I put the balloon on a cup to keep it steady.
3.  Feed your first color of embroidery floss into the liquid starch.  Make sure to unwind it, or it will get tangled and knotted.
4.  Apply the embroidery floss onto the balloon, winding around in a random pattern.  Don’t go too far up because it is a nest.
5.  Repeat with the second and third colors.  Allow to fully dry – it might take overnight or longer.
6.  Paint eggs green and let dry
7.  Print out on cardstock a  message and cut out with decorative scissors.
8.  Take red marker and line the edges.
9.  Hot glue toothpick to the back of sign and sprinkle with clear glitter.
10.  Paint sign with Triple Thick.
11.  When eggs are dry, dot with white glue and sprinkle with red glitter.  Allow to dry.
12.  When the nest is dry, run a wire through the bottom so you can attach it to a branch later.
13.  Hot glue the wire in place and the eggs.
14.  Hot glue the sign in place.
15.  Trim the edges with the white dimensional paint for a snowy accent.  When dry, top the white paint with the dimensional diamond paint (optional).

Put in your tree and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!


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    • Hi Kathy – I just did. I hope you don't mind I shared four! I threw in one of my older crafts, the Golf Ball Ants, because I thought you might appreciate it living out in the country. Thanks for contacting me and I LOVE your chickens! They are beautiful!


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