Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

These are great for kids to make.  It’s a simple craft and they will be very proud when they are finished.  Use them to brighten up any room!

Here’s the video tutorial:

You will need:
–  Coffee Filters
–  Pipe cleaners
–  Food coloring
–  Paint brushes
–  Markers (optional)
–  Fishing line
Decorate the coffee filters with either markers or really let the kids have fun and let them paint with watered down food color!  Let them do it outside before lunch and by the time lunch is over, they coffee filters will be dry and ready to make the butterflies!
Do an accordion fold and fasten together with half a pipe cleaner.  Twist the ends for antennae.  Attach fishing line and hang around the house!

I would love to see some of the butterflies you and your kids come up with!  Share them here!
Happy crafting!  

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