Bundt Cake Christmas Candle Holders [Video]

Do you love a good bundt cake?

I love the look of bundt cakes and the taste of bundt cakes! I have a few favorite bundt cake recipes too! Did you know…there is even a shop called Nothing Bundt Cakes!

So clever!

But how about something a little different….like bundt cake Christmas candle holders!


That’s right, bundt cake Christmas candle holders that look good enough to eat! But you can’t!

christmas Bundt cake banner

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So I’m making them for Christmas, but think wedding centerpieces, Easter centerpieces, really they can be customized for any holiday centerpiece!

Bundt Cake Candle Holders Video Tutorial

Here is the quickie version of the bundt cake candle holders but you can see the FULL VERSION with detailed directions at the end of this post.

Supplies For Christmas Cake Candle Holders

Christmas Bundt Cake Candle Holder Directions

Step 1

Mix the amount of resin you will need. I mixed 8 ounces for this project. You will add white and brown pigment until you get the desired cake batter color.

Mix resin and color resin for the bundt cake

Step 2

Pour the mixed resin into the mold cavities. Use a lighter to pop the bubbles and let the resin cure for a minimum of 12 hours.

Pour the batter colored resin into the silicone cake mold

Step 3

Once cured, remove the mini bundt cakes from the mold and use dimensional fabric paint to make the frosting for the cakes.

Use white dimensional fabric paint to add faux icing to the bundt cake

You can make them any color you want!

Step 4

Add bugle beads to look like sprinkles decorating the bundt cake.

Use bugle beads as sprinkles on the faux mini bundt cakes

Step 5

Because these are Christmas bundt cakes, I thought a holly sticker would be a nice touch.

Add a holly sticker to the mini bundt cake

Step 6

Add some tapered candles and you have mini Christmas bundt cake candleholders for your holiday centerpiece!

Add a tapered candle to the mini bundt cake candle holder

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Christmas bundt cake candle holders

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As Promised…Full Version of the Bundt Cake Candle Holders!

Here is the full version of the video, with all the details that should answer all of your questions!

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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