DIY Pizza Craft Clay & Resin Coaster Craft Tutorial & Video

I have been asked to make a DIY pizza craft in the form of a coaster for a while now. I finally did it!

Supplies You Will Need

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  • Resin
    • When deciding on which resin to use for your coasters, you need to keep in mind whether you want it just for cold cups or for hot as well.
      • If only for cold drinks, you can be flexible and use whatever brand you like:
      • If you want it to work for both hot and cold drinks, you need to look for a heat resistant resin, like these:
        • FX Poxy ~ According to the manufacturer, this one is heat resistant to 500° F.
        • Stone Coat

DIY Pizza Craft Video Tutorial

DIY Pizza Craft Directions

1.  Mix half of the brown package of clay with half of the tan package of clay. Mix well until you get a uniform color.

Mix brown and tan clay to make the crust for the DIY pizza craft

2.  Roll out the clay and cut with the large cookie cutter.  This will give you the base of the pizza.

Roll the clay flat with a rolling pin
Use a large circle cookie cutter to cut out the base for the DIY Pizza craft
Remove the excess clay from around the circle cookie cutter

3.  With the excess, roll it into a snake and create the crust around the edge. Smooth it all together. You want to make sure you have a lip that will allow the resin to stay in place when you pour it later, so make sure the crust does not have any holes.

Use the excess to create a crust and smooth the outer seam

4.  Roll out the red and use a small round cookie cutter to make the pepperoni.

Roll red clay flat and use a small cookie cutter to cut out circles for pepperoni for the DIY pizza craft

5.  Use a craft knife to shave off small pieces of the glow in the dark clay to create the cheese.

Use a craft blade to shave pieces of clay off of the glow in the dark clay for cheese

6.  Texture the pepperoni. Bake all the different clay pieces, according to your clay package directions.  Allow it to cool.

Texture the clay pepperoni

7.  Paint red paint on the crust, to make it look like pizza sauce. Allow it to dry.

Paint the crust red to look like pizza sauce

8.  Paint on the Super Gloss Mod Podge generously and then place all the pieces of the pizza in place.  I started with the pepperoni and then added the cheese.  The Mod Podge works as a glue.

Paint on mod podge all over the red paint
Add the pepperoni and the clay cheese to the DIY pizza craft

Allow to completely dry.  You must let it completely dry, or you will end up with a cloudy film, forever!

9.  Prepare your resin, according to the package directions. Pour over the inner part of the pizza and allow to cure.

Pour resin over the clay DIY pizza craft

10. Pop bubbles with your lighter and if you get some that won’t release from between the cheese, use a toothpick to help ease the out.

Use lighter to pop the bubbles in the resin

That’s it! Now you have a fun DIY Pizza Coaster!

Finished DIY pizza coaster

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DIY Pizza craft coaster

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