Halloween Bat Craft Coaster DIY

Learn how to make a Halloween bat craft coaster using resin! I’m not a fan of real bats but if you give me a bat craft, I’m all over it!

I’m trying to remember if I shared this story before but bats and rats Freak. Me. Out

I mean, not a little…

I think my bat fear comes from way back when.

There was an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos – like right when that show started – and someone sent in a video with a bat on the window, with his little bat hands balled up into fists and it was pounding on the window like he wanted to come in.

Ummm…just NO!

Halloween Bat Craft Materials List

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  • Resin
    • When deciding on which resin to use for your coasters, you need to keep in mind whether you want it just for cold cups or for hot as well.
      • If only for cold drinks, you can be flexible and use whatever brand you like:
      • If you want it to work for both hot and cold drinks, you need to look for a heat resistant resin, like these:
        • FX Poxy ~ According to the manufacturer, this one is heat resistant to 500° F.
        • Stone Coat

Halloween Bat Craft Video Tutorial

See how to make the Halloween bat craft HERE!

Halloween Bat Craft Directions

Step 1

I mixed an ounce and a half of resin and added chunky black and fine purple glitter and poured it into the coaster mold.

I popped the bubbles with my lighter, I let it cure for a minimum of 12 hours before removing it from the mold.

Pouring purple and black resin glitter into coaster mold for the halloween bat craft

Step 2

Once cured, I removed it from the mold and used paint markers to draw the face.

Using paint markers to draw the face on the halloween bat craft coaster

Step 3

Once the paint dried, I mixed one more ounce of resin and domed it on top of the coaster. I used my stir stick to move the resin to the edges and used a lighter to pop the bubbles.

Pouring resin over the bat craft resin coaster

Step 4

Once dry, I used the Halloween bat craft coaster to trace around and create a template for the bat wings. Then, I cut them out.

**Be sure to watch the video for a tip on how I got the wings even the same shape!

Cutting out paper template

Step 5

I traced the template onto black craft foam and cut it out. Then, I glued the coaster onto the craft foam.

cutting the body and bat wings out of black craft foam

Step 6

I cut small triangles out of the black craft foam and glued them on for bat ears.

gluing small black triangles onto the bat craft for ears

That’s it!  There is my cute bat coaster!  

halloween bat craft resin coaster white background
He’s so cute! I love him!!! ❤️

Halloween Bat Craft Inspiraton!

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Fun Bat Decorations

If you are always looking for fun Halloween bat decorations, here are a few to consider!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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