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Easter isn’t all about Easter baskets and Easter eggs! I’ll show you how to make fun Easter bunny decorations with this resin tutorial! If you are looking for Easter decorating ideas, my blog is full of Easter crafts!

I wanted to try a larger resin project for Easter and found a bunny mold on Amazon. I can’t find the exact mold anymore, so I have a cute alternative listed below.

You can find the Video Tutorial at the end of this post!

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You will need:


(Optional:  Prep your mold with mold release and let dry)
1.  With acrylic paint, paint in the ears, nose, mouth, eyes, teeth and bow tie.  Remember you are painting on silicone.  The paint will not want to adhere and won’t give you full coverage right away.  It will take two or three coats to have nice coverage.

2.  Allow all the paint to dry.  Take a small amount of resin and add some white dye.  Mix well.  Then using a very small amount of black.  Add a little at a time.  You can always add more, but you can’t take it out. Once you have reached the desired shade of gray, using a toothpick, carefully drip the resin into the indents of the features.

3.  Allow to cure.

4.  Prepare some more resin – I did two batches.  Follow the directions on the package, but you should not mix too much up in one batch, or you risk not mixing it properly.

5.  Mix in white resin dye – mix well.

6.  Pour into mold.  Allow to cure.

7.  Take a piece of wire and bend it into a horseshoe.  Then bend it, so it has an “L” shape (see video). Take a little super glue to tack it onto the back of the bunny.  Remember you want the horseshoe part sticking out of the resin, because you are creating a hook, so it can be hung.

8.  Pour more resin into the mold and make sure the ears are well attached.

9.  Allow to cure at least 12 hours before removing.

10.  Carefully remove from mold.  Drip some black acrylic paint into the indents of the eyes and the nose to finish it up.  If you are putting it outside, you might want to consider using resin.

That’s it!  Hope you like it!

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!!


Here is the video tutorial:

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Resin Easter Bunny Decoration

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