How To Make Sharks | Golf Ball Recycling Craft for Shark Week

Here’s another craft in honor of Shark Week! I was just watching an episode as I was writing this How To Make Sharks tutorial and found myself fascinated and creeped out and fascinated and creeped out and FASCINATED!

This is a much cuter version than any shark I saw on TV tonight!

How To Make Sharks Materials List

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How To Make Sharks Video Tutorial

How To Make Sharks Directions

Step 1

I did a practice drawing of a shark face on a piece of paper before I did it on the golf ball.

Before showing you how to make sharks, practice drawings for shark faces

When you know what you want to do, take your permanent marker and draw the mouth, teeth and outline around the mouth on the golf ball.

Draw shark faces on golf balls
Golf ball with shark face drawn on it

Step 2

We are doing one gray shark and one blue shark. Paint the darker color on the ball, outside of the outline. One will be the darker gray and the other will be the darker blue. This will take at least two coats.

paint golf ball blue around drawn face
How to make sharks out of golf balls painted blue and gray with white shark mouths

Step 3

Once dry, cut out fins and tail. The dorsal fins are triangles, as are the two smaller side fins. The tail is also a basic shape.  

cut shark fins out of gray craft foam

Step 4

Glue them in place. You can use hot glue or other glue.

Glue on shark fins and tails cut out of blue and gray craft foam

Step 5

How to make sharks is coming together. Glue on google eyes.

glue on google eyes

Step 6

Take the lighter colors and paint a pointed area between the eyes and follow it along to the tail.

paint highlights on shark heads

Step 7

Cut small strips from scraps.  Glue them on the edge of the eyes, making them look angry.

add angry eyebrows to shark golf balls out of craft foam

That’s it! Now you know how to make sharks! Don’t let them sneak up on you! Keep your eyes open!

How to make golf ball sharks two golf ball sharks sitting in sand craft DIY
Golf ball sharks sitting in sand craft diy

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Thanks for stopping by! Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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How to make golf ball sharks craft

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