Garbage to Gorgeous Episode #6 – Part 1: I Built a Doghouse Out of What?!?! Coco’s Key West Inspired Beach House! Extreme Dog House

I was contacted by Dog Fence DIY  (, to contribute to their Do It Yourself Hackathon.  I was asked if I would make a dog related craft.  I gave it some thought and decided I wanted to stretch my crafting chops and make a doghouse.  I wanted it to be a Key West beach house  inspired doghouse – like someone built a colorful cottage, right on there on beach.  I wanted it to be sturdy, but I wanted it to look like someone just decided to put it there.  And of course it had to be colorful!


I wanted to use as many recycled materials as I could.  I used a table (found just outside of a dumpster, up in Wisconsin), for the frame.  I used three old pallets, for the siding and building the roof structure.  I did buy plywood for the base and for the part of the roof.  I used shims, from Home Depot, for the shingles.  I wanted the shingles to be different sizes because remember this is a beach cottage.  

The main tools I used were:

–  Hammer
–  Pliers
–  Jigsaw
–  Rotary tool
–  Nail gun
–  Staple gun

Since it would be impossible for me to fully write out the directions, here are the videos for Part 1 and Part 2, so you can see the details, including the interior decorating and how I made the front yard!

Here are some highlights:

1.  I turned the table upside down, so it could create the frame of the doghouse.

2.  I purchased a piece of plywood that would be a nice base for the doghouse and allow me to create a front yard.

3.  I used a sealer that is good for outdoors and sealed the base.  I don’t want it to rot when is it outside.

4.  I cut out the false bottom from under the table and screwed the table onto the plywood.

5.  I had Greg help me find some pallets (there may have been some whining and eye rolling – not me) and he helped me take them apart (which means he took them apart).  Who knew pallets could be so hard to take apart?!?!?!

6.  I took the pallet wood and nailed them to the legs of the table, to make the siding.

7.  I used a jigsaw to cut the walls straight.


8.  I then used smaller pieces on the front and cut the opening wider for the entrance.

9.  I painted the walls with an indoor/outdoor paint.  I used a blue and white mix.

10.  I used two by fours to create gable for the roof.

11.  Then we nailed on plywood.

12.  I cut out an arched piece for the entrance, but didn’t attach it yet.

13.  I bought a bundle of shims for the roof and nailed them on one by one.

Look!  I fit!

14.  I shingled the front part of the arch, painted it white and attached it to the house, but first I attached a bone, with Coco’s name on it.  Oh, I also whitewashed the roof, to seal it.

15.  I attached smaller pieces of wood to look like a wood walkway and gathered small shells.  I cut some fish out of wood and attached them to the house and cut a small palm tree.

16.  I prepared some resin and mixed it with sand and white/clear glitter and applied it to the front yard.  Be sure to watch the video to see all the cute little details!

17.  I also created a little indent and made a resin pond for her, with little things floating in the “water”.

That’s it!  I added a little rug and decor pieces inside, which you can see in the video!

You can find the home decor items used to decorate the interior here:

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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