Halloween Glitter Spider Craft Tutorial

Who says a spider can’t be cute?  Add a little sparkle to your Halloween festivities with this glitter spider!

It’s easy and fun!

Here’s the video tutorial:

You will need:

– Styrofoam ball
–  Black acrylic paint
–  Black glitter
–  Google eyes
–  Eight, black pipe cleaners
–  White glue
–  Wooden skewer
–  Red felt

1.  Paint styrofoam ball black with acrylic paint and let dry
2.  Paint white glue on painted ball and dip into black glitter let dry
3.  With a wooden skewer poke four holes on each side of the ball 
4.  Insert pipe cleaners and bend legs
5.  Glue on google eyes
6.  Cut shape of lips from felt and glue on
Optional:  If you want to hang the spider, poke the skewer through the spider and feed a fishing line through.  Hot glue in place – cover any visible glue with glitter.  Hang and enjoy!
Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

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