Nail Polish Ornaments Craft Tutorial

A great way to use up old nail polish, or buy inexpensive nail polish and make something beautiful for the holidays!

You will need:

–  Clear glass ornaments from craft store
–  Nail polish of your choosing
–  Letter stickers – optional
–  Ribbon – optional
–  Empty egg carton or something the drain the excess nail polish – you can drain most of the excess carefully back into the nail polish bottle, but there will be some additional drainage and the egg carton seems to work best.

Here is the video tutorial that shows more pictures and examples:


1.  Remove the cap from the ornament and put aside
2.  Pour nail polish into your ornament
3.  Swirl ornament around to disperse the nail polish
4.  When completely covered, invert the ornament on an egg carton to drain the nail polish.
5.  Let it dry
6.  Replace cap
7.  Embellish with a ribbon, or stickers, or leave it plain

Use these ornament as party favors for a holiday dinner.  Use them instead of place cards.

Enjoy your beautiful new ornaments!

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


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