Whimsical Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

I was asked to make a craft out of felt and there is a whimsical Christmas Tree!

You will need:

–  Green felt – I used the stiffer felt
–  Brown construction paper
–  White glue
–  Black felt
–  Gold glitter
–  Gold cording
–  Red felt , or red paper
–  Hole punch
–  Hot glue
–  White glue

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Draw a Christmas tree on a sheet of paper and cut it out.  Trace it onto the back of the felt and cut it out.

2.  Cut out brown strips to be used as the trunk and branches of the Christmas tree and glue them, with white glue, into place.

3.  Punch out the red felt with the hole punch and glue them into place on the branches.

4.  Cut out a star out of black felt.

5. Cut a piece of gold cording to hang the tree.

6.  Hot glue the cording, in a loop, at the top of the tree and hot glue the black star over it.

7.  Paint white glue, thickly, over the black star and sprinkle with gold glitter.  Shake off excess and allow to dry.

Now you have a great ornament or gift tag to help ring in the holiday season!

Happy Holidays and thank you for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!


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