Princess Project DIY & Video Tutorial ~ Golf Ball Recycling Series

Get in the princess spirit! This easy princess project is great for decorations or party favors for a little girl’s birthday party!!  

Materials You Will Need For the Princess Project

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Here is the Princess Project Video Tutorial

Princess Project Directions

1.  Drill a hole into the golf ball and add an eye screw.

Drill hole into golf ball to start the princess project
Screw eyescrew into the golf ball

2.  Paint it with flesh colored paint – it will take two coats – allow to dry.

Paint the golf ball a flesh color

3.  Glue on the googly eyes.

Glue google eyes on the flesch painted golf ball for the princess project

4.  With a permanent black marker, give her eyelashes.

Glue google eyes on the flesch painted golf ball

5.  With a permanent red marker, give her lips.

Draw lips with a red permanent marker

6.  Glue on the hair. Start at the top, which would be the part, and add a line of glue then add the pieces of hair.

Use hot glue to put on the blond curly doll hair

7.  Then repeat under the first line. It will take a minimum of three rows, but you can add random pieces after to finish filling it out. Now, this princess project is starting to take shape!

Glue on curly blonde doll hair to the painted golf ball. The princess project is starting to take shape.

I gave her a little trim…

Trim the princess hair if you want

8.  Time for the crown. Draw a crown onto a piece of card stock (see video above).

Draw a crown outline onto a piece of cardstock or posterboard

9.  Cut it out and cut slits into the tabs. Slide the slits into each other and use a dab of glue to keep it together.

Cut out crown with a pair of scissors
Glue the ends of the crown together

10.  Using gold glittery or shimmery nail polish, paint the crown. This will take at least two coats.

Paint the crown with metallic gold nail polish for the princess project

11.  Glue gems onto the crown.

Glue gems onto the crown

12.  Glue the crown to the top of the princess’ head!

Glue the crown onto the head of the golf ball princess
completed golf ball princess craft

And she is DONE! Now use this easy princess project to decorate!

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Princess project

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