Golf Ball Butterfly DIY ~ Craft Klatch Recycling Series

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It’s time for another golf ball critter!  Today we are making a butterfly.  I went pastel and cute because it is cold, snowy and icy here.  I needed a little spring!

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You will need:
–  Golf ball
–  Yellow paint (acrylic or spray paint)
–  Wood dowel head/cap
–  Pink craft foam
–  Pink glitter
–  2 Googly eyes
–  Black permanent marker
–  Eye screw
–  Thin silver wire
–  Drill or Dremel tool:
–  Glue – hot glue and clear drying glue:
–  Skewer stick
Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Paint the golf ball and dowel head yellow.  Allow to dry.
2.  Drill a hole into the golf ball that would fit a skewer stick.
3.  Drill a hole into the dowel head to in the size to fit the eye screw.
4.  Put glue in the golf ball hole and insert a skewer stick.  Cut the skewer stick to the length that it will fit into the dowel head opening.  
5.  Add glue to the dowel head opening and put hot glue around the skewer stick.  Press together.  The hot glue will keep everything in place, while the other glue dries.
6.  Screw in eye screw.
7.  Place the golf ball and head onto the craft foam.  Draw wings.  
8.  Cut out.
9.  Using hot glue, glue the wings onto the golf ball.
10. Using the clear drying glue, trace the wings and sprinkle on glitter.  Shake off excess and allow to dry.
11.  Drill small holes in the head and cut wire to length.  
12.  Twist the ends of the antennae to make the curls. 
13.  Dip ends of the antennae into glue and insert into the head holes.
14.  Glue on eyes.
15.  Draw a smile on with a permanent marker.

That’s it!  Now you can hang it up and feel like spring is coming!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay safe and Happy Crafting!


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