Glass Pumpkin Decorations for Halloween

I love dollar store crafts! Let your creative juices flow and start crafting for Halloween. I made glass pumpkin decorations out of candy jars!

I think they are super cute!

Glass pumpkin decorations for Halloween

Materials You Will Need to Make Glass Pumpkin Decorations

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Candy jars:
Color shift paint:
Champagne Acrylic paint:
Khaki paint:
Ivory paint:
Peridot paint:
Citron yellow:
Gold spray paint:
Plastic wrap:
Painter’s tape:

Video Tutorial For Glass Pumpkin Decorations:

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made them!

Directions for Glass Pumpkin Decorations

Step 1

Find candy jars! I found these at Dollar Tree and I thought they would make perfect glass pumpkin decorations. 

Clear glass jar from dollar tree

Step 2

Use vinyl to cut out pieces for the pumpkin faces.

Use scissors to cut black vinyl

Step 3

Stick the vinyl on the side of the glass jars. Make sure to burnish (rub) it down.

*You can skip this step and just put the vinyl on the outside at the end. I’ll get into that more later. My intention was to put the vinyl inside and remove it when I added the gold on the inside.

Stick the black vinyl pieces to the inside of the glass pumpkins

Step 4

Once the faces are in place, paint the inside of the jars. Choose any colors you want to match your decor. Plan on at least two coats.

Painting inside of glass pumpkin decorations green

FYI: The beige/ivory glass pumpkin only needed one coat.

Ivory, orange and green painted glass pumpkin decorations

Step 5

When the paint dries remove the vinyl from the insides of the jars.

**I tried to remove the face from inside the jars. Unfortunately, the paint wanted to come off the glass too.  So, I nixed that part….temporarily.

Remove vinyl from inside of the glass pumpkin decorations

Step 6

Use cling wrap and painter’s tape to cover the outside of the jars. This protects them from the next stage of painting.

Use plastic wrap and painter's tape to cover the outside of the glass pumpkin decorations

Step 7

Use gold spray paint to paint the inside of the lids and the jars.

Spray paint the inside of glass pumpkins

Step 8

Once dry, cut the tape and remove the plastic wrap.

Cut the tape and cling wrap off of the glass pumpkins


Originally, I wanted all of the pumpkins to have gold faces, which is why I wanted to remove the vinyl after the first paint colors. The vinyl would not remove, without removing the paint, so I left it. When I painted the gold, the vinyl pulled away from the green and the ivory ones. I removed the vinyl and sprayed the insides again. Turns out, I don’t like the gold face with the green because there isn’t enough of a contrast. The solution: Put black vinyl on the outside of the jar and cover up the gold face.

Green glass pumpkin decoration

However, I do like the gold face on the ivory one.  

Ivory glass pumpkin jar with gold face

The orange still has the vinyl inside the jar. I like that one too.

Orange glass pumpkin decoration with black features

Step 9

If you have a little overspray, use a razor blade to scrape it off.

Scrape excess paint off the edge of the pumpkin decorations

That’s it! Now you have super cute glass pumpkin decorations!

Super cute and super cheap!

Finished glass pumpkin decorations, orange,green and ivory

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Glass pumpkin decorations dollar tree craft

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Glass pumpkin decorations dollar tree craft

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