Recycled Kids Bat Craft Halloween

My husband came across a wall of these bats, when he was at a meeting, at a local school.  He snapped a picture of it and thought I should share my interpretation of this great craft!  How great does that whole grouping of them look on the school wall?  So, I can’t take credit for the idea.  But, it is a great craft for kids and a great recycling craft!  

You will need:

  • A tray from a tv dinner
  • Craft foam
  • White glue – I also used hot glue, but that is optional, especially if kids are involved.  I used the hot glue for the sake of time, but I would use white glue in its place otherwise.
  • Black glitter
  • Red paint
  • Yellow and red paper or markers (see video)
  • Hole punches – or cut out circles
  • White felt or white paper for fangs

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Cut out two wings – out of the craft foam

2.  Cut out two ears – also out of the craft foam

3.  Take white glue or hot glue and glue the wings and ears onto the underside of the tray

4.  Take white glue and put veining and trim on the wings and ears and pour the glitter on the wet glue. Let dry and shake of excess.  The excess glitter can be put back into the glitter jar and reused – that is why you should do it on a tray or cookie sheet.

5.  Cut out and glue the eyes on.

6.  Take red paint and make the mouth

7.  Cut out two triangles for fangs and glue on

8.  Trim the eyes and mouth with white glue and sprinkle with glitter

9.  Hang up and enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by!  Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!


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