Golf Ball Pumpkins – Halloween Recycling Craft

These are cute little pumpkins to hang from various places around the house, or wire to a wreath.

You will need:

–  Golf balls:
–  Orange acrylic paint:
–  Brown acrylic paint:
–  Black acrylic paint:
–  Eye screw:
–  Drill with a small drill bit:
–  Finishing protective spray if you want to put it outside or give it a little shine:

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Take a small drill bit and drill into the golf ball.  It may seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite easy.    You don’t have to go in very far, just get it started.  Of course, always wear your safety glasses!
2.  Take the eye screw and screw it into the hole you just drilled.
3.  Paint your golf balls orange.  It will take several coats.  Allow to dry.
4.  Paint on face with black acrylic paint.
5.  Paint eye screw brown.
6.  Allow everything to dry and spray with a finish sealer to help protect it.

That’s it!  Happy Crafting and Happy Halloween.

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  1. What a wonderful creation! This is truly fun for kids. This craft is indeed awesome. This is going to be a perfect project for children. I’m pretty sure my daughters would absolutely love this golf ball pumpkin craft. This is so exciting to make since this is perfect for the Halloween. Thanks for sharing this creativity.



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