Witch Makeup Tutorial


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 I’ve been making the accessories, but now it’s time to pull it all together.  I need some makeup to bring out my finer qualities.  Oriental Trading sent me the Woochie FX Kit to help me complete my look.

Here it is!

You will need (affiliate link):  Woochie Witch FX makeup kit

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Pull your hair back so you can better apply the makeup.

2.  Take the nose and hold it in place on your face.  With the puff, dust the finishing powder around the nose.  This should leave a line to use as a guide to apply the spirit gum.

3.  Apply the spirit gum where the nose will be attached to your face.  Tap the spirit gum to activate it.  It will become very sticky from your tapping. 

4.  Apply nose to the spirit gum and it should stick well.
5.  Repeat process for the chin.
6.  Repeat process with the warts.
7.  Take the latex and apply it to the edges of the nose and chin to help disguise the edges.  It will take more than one coat.  I will suggest that you also apply the latex over the the nose and chin in a more stippling style. Also do that on your face.  I found my face and the pieces took the makeup differently and this seemed to help it look more natural and give me an overall unpleasant complexion, like one might expect from a wicked green witch.
8.  Apply the forensic green makeup all over your face and neck.
9.  Take the black and accentuate the eyes, your eyebrows and even your lips.  Blend as desired.
10.  Apply the finishing powder all over the makeup.
That’s it for the makeup!  Now you need to make sure you have your outfit and all your other accessories in place.

Once you have your make up done, you might want to see how to put it all together!

You can see how to make the broom here:

You can see how to make the witch hat here:

You can see how to make the glitter shoes here:

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!  Happy Halloween!


*The makeup kit was provided by Oriental Trading for review.  The ideas and opinions are all my own.


3 thoughts on “Witch Makeup Tutorial”

  1. Wow, that was amazing witch makeup! I totally love that! That is surely a must-try this halloween. I'd love to feature this in my list of halloween makeup ideas if you will allow me to. Thanks and more power!

    ~ Cristine

    • Hi Cristine – I'm so glad you liked it! I love to be featured, as long as it's linked back to my site, or video. I love some of the ideas you have up there. They are great!



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