DIY Wine Coaster Mold How To

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I hadn’t made a mold in a while and I had been planning this one in my head for the last six months.  I have made many coasters, but had thought it would be fun to make a wine coaster.  By wine coaster, I mean one for a wine bottle.

This is the mold:

You will need:

–  Easy Mold silicone molding medium – this is made by the same company that makes the Easy Cast Resin I use (for more information, or where to find it internationally, go to
–  A disposable plastic bowl/container – TIP:  You don’t want to take a container that is too much larger than the bowl you are molding.  The larger it is, the more silicone you will use.
–  A bowl that is the size and shape you want.  I used a small bowl from creme brullee.  They come in packages in the frozen food section at the grocery store and they come with in little individual bowls.  
–  Hot glue

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Take the hot glue and glue your bowl to the bottom of the plastic container.  Allow to cool.
2.  Take your Easy Mold and mix – equal parts of A and B.
3.  Pour into the container with your glued in dish.  Read the package for direction on mixing and pouring!  They have great tips!
4.  Allow to set for 24 hours.
5.  I worked really hard to remove the silicone from the plastic container and was very frustrated.  I couldn’t figure out why I could not remove it.  After much effort, I realized because of the hot glue, it was NOT going to release from the mold.  DUH!
6.  I could have heated up the mold with a hairdryer or heat gun, but I was not sure how the silicone would react, so I cut the container instead!  It worked great.
7.  A little more effort to remove the dish and I have a great mold!
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