Gravestone Coaster Halloween DIY – Another Coaster Friday

Here is my last Halloween project for this year!  Happy Halloween Everyone!  I did some painting on a coaster.  It’s hard to see in the picture, but because of the layers, it gives it a little bit of a 3D effect.

You will need:
–  Coaster mold
–  Resin (Easy Cast or Envirotex Lite both work great – for more info
–  Acrylic paint – green, light gray, dark gray, black, red and yellow
–  Chunky black glitter
–  Chunky blue glitter

Here are some items from Amazon that you might find helpful, incase you want to give it a try:

*****I have some good and news and bad news.  I have been linking the Silikomart mold to use for the coasters, since February.  Suddenly, the prices have increased dramatically.  That is the bad news.  Originally I used the Silikomart, over the Freshware because the Freshware had a matte finish, while the Silikomart had a glossy finish.  I recently needed to order a new mold myself and I ordered one of each.  The good and maybe GREAT news is that the Freshware mold now is glossy too and just over $10!  That makes it MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE!  Yay!  I’ve used mine once so far and so far I can’t tell the difference!  I have the Freshware one linked above!

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Prepare your resin, according to the package directions.
2.  Mix in black glitter and just a little bit of blue.  I used chunky glitter.
3.  Pour into mold.
4.  Allow to cure for at least 12 hours.
5.  Once hardened, take some green acrylic paint and paint the grass line.
6.  Take both light and dark gray on your brush and paint the gravestone – you can add a little black paint if you need to darken it a little.
7.  With a skewer stick, add blades of grass.
8.  With a skewer stick – making dots – add R.I.P.
9.  With the end of the skewer stick, dip it in yellow paint and add a small moon in the distance.
10.  Again using the skewer stick, paint on a red bloody hand print that has been smeared.
11.  Allow everything to dry.
12.  Prepare some more resin and pour a topcoat to seal all the paint.
13.  Allow to cure and then unmold it!

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Happy Crafting!


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