25 Mother’s Day Craft Gift Ideas!

Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us! There is no better way send Happy Mother’s Day wishes than to make her a gift from the heart!

Luckily, I have 25 great Mother’s Day craft projects that you can make for Mom!


Before, we get to the projects, let’s answer the most important question:

When is Mother’s Day?

I never really thought about until today. Mother’s Day is one of those elusive holidays.

There are two kinds of holidays. The specific date holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Those are the easy ones!

Then, there are the elusive holidays, which are a specific day in a month, or some other criteria. Thanksgiving is the only one I can remember, the third Thursday in November. Easy peasy!

Have you ever tried to figure out Easter? I just looked it up and according to Almanac.com, this is how Easter is determined:

Specifically, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the full Moon that occurs on or just after the spring equinox.

What?! Are you serious?!

So basically, it’s just a look at the calendar and let someone else figure it out kind of holiday.

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25 Mother's Day Crafts and DIYs

Mother’s Day has always been a look-at-the-calendar kind of holiday, but I just now found out it is simply the second Sunday in May. Easy enough but honestly…I probably won’t remember.

Did you know when Mother’s Day falls or is that new information to you?

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get to the Mother’s Day gift ideas!

1. String Vase

Tissue paper flower bouquet with a string vase

String Vase DIY

This craft is so easy! You can you colorful string or yarn. It’s great for adults and young kids to make! AND you can make it to match Mom’s decor! It also goes along perfectly with the next project!

2. Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Tissue paper flower bouquet and string vase

Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Tissue paper flowers are a classic and still just as fun to make! Pair the flowers with a string or yarn vase and you have a perfect bouquet for Mom’s desk that won’t wilt!

3. Tissue Paper Flowers with a Bead Center

Pink tissue paper flower with bead center

Tissue Paper Flower With Bead Center

To take the tissue paper flowers up a notch, add a beautiful glass bead and it looks amazing!

4. Golf Ball Poodle

Pink poodle made out of golf balls

Golf Ball Poodle

If cute is your thing or Mom’s thing, try out this adorable golf ball poodle! Some pink paint, pom poms and glue! Kind of reminds me of a poodle skirt!

5. Recycled Garden Flower

Recycled garden flower in periwinkle blue and green

Recycled Garden Flower

Does Mom love gardening, but maybe doesn’t have the greenest thumb? This recycled garden flower won’t wilt! It’s environmentally friendly and looks like an allium plant! Make it any color you want!

6. Painted Bud Vases

Red painted bud vases with daisies

Painted Bud Vases

I made these cute bud vases for Valentine’s Day, but they are also make a perfect Mother’s Day gift! Again, this is a perfect project that can be personalized with color!

7. Best Friend Jar

Best friend jar

Best Friend Jar

Is your mom your best friend? Start a fun tradition with your mom that will last for years with the Best Friends Jar! It’s a fun idea to keep in touch with each other, even if you are far away!

8. Mom Charm

Pink mom charm with green raffia bow

Mom Charm

Create an easy and fun Mom Charm! This thing is durable and would make a cute necklace or it can hang from her rearview mirror! You’d be with her all the time!

9. Garden Artichoke

Recycled artichoke garden art

Garden Artichoke

Artichokes have an elegant feel and look to them. This recycled artichoke looks great in a flower beda or flower pot as a garden accessory!

10. Cottage Style Vases

Blue cottage style vases

Cottage Style Vases

For a down home cottage or farmhouse look, these painted bottle vases can be made in any color and brings a nice arrangement with some fresh flowers, like hydrangeas!

11. Button Coaster

Colorful button coaster

Does your mom love to sew or love whimsical, kitschy decor? Well, this button coaster is perfect! It can hold her coffee or tea in her sewing room!

DIY Button Coaster

12. No Sew Pillow

No sew gray and white polka dot  pillow with stenciled bird

No Sew Pillow

I love a decorative pillow, but sewing abilities often escape me. Usually my sewing machine ends up with a big wad of thread beneath and I end of hand sewing. If I could sew, I think my home would be filled with pillows!!! This is an easy No Sew Pillow and an easy gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

13. Dragonfly Coaster

Dragonfly coaster made out of resin and wire

Dragonfly Coaster

One of the most enchanting things in nature is the fluttering dragonfly. This wire and resin coaster pays homage to their beauty!

14. Button Frame

Button Frame

Great for kids to make and fun for adults to make! With the variety of buttons available, this can take on so many looks and feels! Again… a great addition to a sewing room!

15. DIY Heart Pendants

DIY Heart Pendants

Let Mom know how much you love her by giving her your heart! A little resin and some paint is all it takes!

16. DIY Recycled Garden Art

Recycled Garden Art

Inspired by the dandelion, this beauty is a wish come true! It adds interest to your garden by day and is a showstopper at night!

17. Washer Necklaces

Washer Necklaces

These eye-catching necklaces are inexpensive and easy to make! You can personalize them for Mom’s favorite color and/or reflective of her hobbies.

18. Recycled Candle Jars

DIY Candle jars turned into storage

Recycled Candle Jars

Storage can be fun and if you can reuse an old candle jar, it’s even better! The jars themselves can be great Mother’s Day gifts! Or you can fill them with homemade bath salts, a sugar scrub or bath beads!

19. Resin Paper Bag Vase

Paper bag Vase

Resin Paper Bag Vase

Seriously! A crumpled up brown, paper lunch bag has never looked so nice! And it’s waterproof, so it makes a PERFECT vase!

20. Heart Stepping Stone

Heart stepping stone with gems

Heart Stepping Stone

Whenever Mom takes a walk through her garden, wouldn’t it be nice if she had a Heart Stepping stone and thought of you? Now, she can!

21. Concrete and Resin Coaster for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day resin and concrete coaster

Concrete and Resin Coaster for Mother’s Day

An unlikely combo of resin and concrete makes for a cool coaster for Mom!

22. Beachy Concrete Coasters

Beachy Concrete Coasters

Another chance to give a feeling of the beach is with these colorful Beachy Concrete Coasters!

23. Mom Appreciation Box

Mom Appreciation Box

Mom Appreciation Box

Every mom wants to be appreciated! This fun idea will allow Mom to feel appreciated all year long!

24. Beachy Vases

Beachy Vases

Bring the beach home with frosted glass vases. Okay, so they are faux beach glass, but they are still beautiful!

25. Dragonfly Art

Dragonfly Art

Making a dragonfly from scratch and using it as a wall hanging brings a little outdoor inside….all year long!

Don’t Have Time To Make? There Is Still Time To Order!

If you don’t have time to make an original handmade gift, don’t panic! There is still time to order some fantastic Mother’s Day Gifts!

Wishing every mom out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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