Ceiling Fan Makeover You Won’t Believe!

Do you have an old ceiling fan that is in dire need of a makeover? I’ll show you how to take that ceiling fan and give it a whole new look!

We just had our home painted and we loved how fresh and clean it looked!

Unfortunately, our outdoor ceiling fan looked old, dirty, and yellowed with age.

It looked white against the previous color but not anymore!

Ceiling fan looking yellow and discolored

So down it came!

Greg taking old ceiling fan down

It was taken apart and ready for a makeover you won’t believe!

Old ceiling fan disassembled


Could it be any dirtier?!?! I’m blushing!

What you will need for the ceiling fan makeover

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Ceiling Fan Makeover Directions

Step 1

I needed to clean the fan. It was filthy. For all we know, this is the original fan and has never been cleaned.

I used TSP to ready it for paint

Cleaning ceiling fan

I also gave the base a light sand to remove any loose paint and surface rust.

Sanding the base of the ceiling fan

Step 2

We wanted a pop of color in the lanai, so I painted the fan a pretty aqua that matches the throw pillows on the outdoor couch and chairs. I did the fan blades and the base.

Spray painting fan blades aqua

And the base…

Spray painting the base of the ceiling fan

My second coat on the base textured or bubbled in a couple of spots.

I was doing it when it was pretty humid, so my spraying conditions were not ideal and that may have contributed to the situation.

I was sad but decided to embrace it.

My solution was to take a piece of balled-up plastic wrap and use the color I have on my coffee table and side table. I sprayed it onto the plastic wrap and dabbed and blended. The colors were close but the one was a little darker.

The textured area was barely noticeable.

Doing a faux finish on the base

Step 3

I wanted to do something different, so I put the fan blades into my laser engraver and I engraved coastal images, two shells, a starfish, a sand dollar, and a turtle.

I repeated it on all of the fan blades

Laser cutting machine laser engraving the fan blade
Ceiling fan blade laser engraved

Step 4

It was time to put the ceiling fan back up!

Dad reinstalling ceiling fan

Dad reinstalled the ceiling fan and I love it!

It gives it a pop of color and matches my throw pillows and tables!

Lanai with new ceiling fan
Coastal ceiling fan with laser engraved blades from the xtool M1

That’s it!

Let me know what you think! The engraving was so easy!

If you are in the market for a laser engraver/cutter, the M1 is a great desktop unit that does a beautiful job! And it’s so easy to use!

Here are a few other projects I have used it on so far:

Ceiling Fan Makeover Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial so you can see exactly how it came together!

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Ceiling fan makeover and lanai after
Pieces of ceiling fan disassembled before makeover

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