How to Make a Bowl from Wood Using the xTool

If you have ever wondered how to make a bowl from wood, I am going to show you how easy it is using the xTool laser cutting machine.

It is SO EASY!

I just finished making a wedding guest book alternative project for my niece, which you can see in my Wedding Tree post.

DIY Wedding Tree

Can I tell you that I’m STILL excited about how it turned out?

It involves guests adding leaves to the tree.

I cut a bunch of leaves and yes, I could put them in a pretty crystal bowl, but where would be the fun in that?

Instead, I made a bowl made of leaves!

It is so easy and maybe not what you would originally think of when you picture how to make a bowl out of wood but the details are so pretty! Almost like a weave.

I used a laser for cutting out the leaves and they came out so PERFECT!

Here is the video tutorial for How to Make a Bowl from Wood

In the video, I’ll show you how I used the xTool M1 laser cutting machine to make the leaves and to engrave the bottom of the bowl.


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How to Make a Bowl from Wood Directions:

Step 1:

I painted the wood rectangles and the wood round with a festive metallic green.

It’s a lot easier to paint the rectangular piece of wood before cutting out the leaves than it is to paint 40+ individual leaves.

Painting wood rectangles green

Step 2

Cut out the leaves. I used the xTool M1 and you can find full directions on how easy it is to add a drawn image into the xTool software in this VIDEO.

xtool laser for wood cutting of the leaves

The x Tool is a great laser for wood cutting. The leaves came out nice and clean!

Step 3

I engraved the bride and groom’s names into the wood disc, again using the x Tool. The nice thing is hen the area is engraved it is a different color than the painted, giving it a nice offset.

xtool laser engraving wood

Step 4

I used a satin varnish to seal the wood disc.

Step 5

I used an epoxy adhesive to attach the leaves to the disc. I started at the outer edge and worked my way around.

adding the leaves around the perimeter as I show how to make a bowl from wood

For the next row, I put the leaf over where the previous leaves met and edged it out a little

how to make a bowl from wood using leaves cut out with an xtool laser cutting machine

I repeated that process with each row, giving it a woven effect and the shape of a bowl flaring out.

Step 6

I finished it all off with a satin varnish over the whole thing.

And that’s how you make a bowl from wood using the xTook cutting machine.

how to make a bowl from wood finished with laser engraving

I obviously did leaves because it goes with the whole wedding theme but it could be any shape! Fish, diamonds, circles, shells, anything!

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