Front Porch Decor DIY Rack Makeover

Are you struggling with your front porch decor? I have been for several years but I finally found the perfect thing to put on my front porch!

I have a ranch and it’s not a sprawling front porch. It’s a small covered area that covers the front door…more than a stoop but barely a porch.

I tried putting lots of different things on it, including a fountain, a tree, a statue, etc.

Things got shifted to the right, then to the left, then off the porch and back on…and ultimately right back off.

It was tough to find front porch ideas for ranch style homes before and after that really spoke to me. I had all but given up.

Then, we painted our house and I thought, let’s give it another try.

The Rack

I had a corner rack that I had garbage picked (another post-hurricane survivor) some time ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have voted for me to take it.

Front porch decor rack before makeover

It had been quietly sitting in the corner of the front porch, minding its own business for months, out of the rain, waiting until I had time to give it a makeover.

It seemed off. A little too big and it didn’t quite work.

The shelf was made out of MDF and the black liner/cover was peeling off. It looked pretty terrible on the porch…but the Amazon guy seemed to take to it right away.

Shelf liner peeling off of rack shelf

It was the PERFECT size to put most of my packages on.

Truthfully, that’s what first made me consider keeping it.

When people came over, I was embarrassed to have the rusty, ugly thing sitting there, but I really wasn’t sure what to do with it.

And as soon as I shut the door, I basically forgot all about it.

Once the house was painted, NO MORE! The time had come!

It was the perfect time to change it up and do a little front porch decor for spring and summer!

Paint was definitely going to be a major player in this makeover, but paint just wasn’t going to be enough this time!

Just wait and see!

Supplies for Front Porch Rack Makeover:

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Front Porch Makeover Before and After

Here is the quick video tutorial of the front porch reach makeover

Directions for Front Porch Rack Makeover

Step 1

After I detached the shelf and removed the yucky liner that was peeling off, I gave it all a really good cleaning!

Cleaning the rack and getting it ready for the front porch makeover

Step 2

I primed it with a primer especially made for rusty metal. This wasn’t rusty everywhere, but I was able to use it as base primer for the whole thing.

Spraying rusty metal primer onto the corner rack for the front porch

Step 3

I broke out one of my favorite go-to colors. I used it on our lanai and it gives a nice pop of color to our neutral house.

painting the metal rack seaside

Step 4

I sanded down the shelf and painted it coral. I wanted a real pop of color and to make that work,

spraypainting the shelf coral

Step 5

I laser engraved a turtle into the shelf! I was so nervous when I was getting ready to do this.

Originally, I wanted to have a pattern all over the shelf but it was a little too big to do that. I wasn’t going to be able to make the laser hit the edges.

After some thought, I pivoted and went with one big design right in the middle!

I knew I only had one chance to get this right because I did not want to have to cut a new shelf.

I put tape on it to get it centered and luckily with my engraver having a camera, it made it pretty darn easy to get it right!

Engraving the turtle into the shelf for the front porch

It was so easy because the camera shows the placement of the image right on the material in the machine. Amazing!

I was able to size the image right from the camera within the engraver. And it turned out PERFECT!

I did do a couple of passes until I thought it was deep enough.

Step 6

Since this was going to live outside, on a covered front porch, but still open to the elements, I used an oil based spar urethane to seal it. I did three coats and then screwed it back onto the rack.

Spraying spare urethane on shelf to make it outdoor safe

Doesn’t it look great?!?!?!

Front porch turtle rack furniture makeover

Step 7

It was time to style the rack. I went around the house and tried out about 20 different things until I finally settled on this!

Front porch decor rack makeover old used furniture given new life

When I got the laser cutter/engraver, I really only thought I’d be using it to make stuff or engrave tumblers, coasters, or those types of things, but I have found it’s really fun to transform existing home decor items, like when I did the ceiling fan makeover!

I didn’t know if it would work but it did!!!

I feel like I’ll be exploring more opportunities to do stuff like that!

Other Furniture Makeovers and Front Porch Ideas

Here are a few other ideas that my inspire you!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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  1. It looks cute, and if you like it that’s what matters. I personally like less stuff. Quality job though.


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