30 Easy Father’s Day Crafts and DIY Projects!

If you are looking for DIY ideas for easy Father’s Day crafts, you have come to the right place! Even better, they are ideas for homemade Father’s Day gifts!

That means if you are looking for easy Fathers Day gifts for dad or for grandpa, I’ve got you covered!

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30 Easy Father's Day crafts and DIYs

1. Chillin’ Grillin’ Trivet

Father's Day Gift idea Chillin' Grillin' Trivet

Chillin’ Grillin’ Trivet

If you dad enjoys grilling and beer, this is the perfect gift! Collect beer caps of his favorite beers and then he can use it when he’s flipping burgers and hotdogs! Such an easy Father’s Day craft!

2. Hamburger Drink Coaster

DIY Hamburger drink coaster set

Hamburger Drink Coaster

If Dad needs a place to put his beer or coffee, this burger (with or without the cheese) is the perfect drink coaster set that would look great on the coffee table too!

3. Father’s Day Nail Frame

Father's Day DIY Nail Frame | Easy Father's Day crafts

Father’s Day Nail Frame

Easy Father’s Day crafts can start from scrounging around the garage or workshop. Some simple washers and nails give a cool look to a really inexpensive black frame!

4. Cigar Band Drink Coaster

Cigar band coaster DIY | easy father's day crafts

Cigar Band Coaster DIY

Is Dad a cigar guy? Make an eye-catching coaster for him by using cigar bands! It is the perfect cigar gift for him!

5. Golf Ball Lamp

Golf Ball Lamp DIY

Golf Ball Lamp DIY

Think Father’s Day gifts golf, if you can find your dad out on the links all summer! This lamp is a great addition to his office or nightstand! You can use his favorite golf ball brand or just generic white golf balls.

6. Beer Bottle Cap Keychain

Bottle Cap Keychain DIY Corona beer

Beer Bottle Cap Keychain

Does Dad have a favorite beer? Keychains make easy Father’s Day crafts. Make a super simple keychain for him to take with him! He can look forward to a brewski all day!

7. Newspaper Pencil Holder

DIY Newspaper Pencil Holder

Newspaper Pencil Holder

Help Dad keep his desk tidy with a newspaper pencil holder! It’s so easy and a great recycling project that is incredibly inexpensive!

8. Beer and Fishing Coasters

Beer and fishing coaster DIY | Easy Father's Day crafts

Beer and Fishing Coaster DIY

Fishing and beer are great ideas for homemade Father’s Day gifts! Just think bass and brewskis!

9. Buttered Beer Brats and Bacon Sauerkraut

Buttered beer brats and sauerkraut on platter

Buttered Beer Brats and Bacon Sauerkraut

Dad needs to eat on Father’s Day! Cook up some beer brats and sauerkraut! It’s a crowd-pleaser!

10. Wine Cork Trivet

Wine Cork Trivet DIY

Wine Cork Trivet

Collect wine corks and create a trivet! It’s decorative, functional, and a great handmade gift for the wine-loving dad!

11. Gears and Springs Coaster

Gears and spring coasters DIY for Father's Day gift idea | Easy Father's Day crafts

Gears & Springs Coaster

If Dad likes to tinker and take things apart, take leftover pieces and create a gear and springs coaster. It’s a very manly coaster!

12. Golf Ball Keychain

Golf ball keychain diy | Easy Father's Day crafts

Golf Ball Keychain

Here is another easy Father’s Day craft in the form of a keychain, but it’s a golf gift! Create the keychain with Dad’s favorite brand of golf ball!

13. Tools & Nail Father’s Day Coaster

Father's Day Tools and Nails coaster DIY | Easy Father's Day crafts

Tools and Nails Coaster

For the handyman dad, some tool stickers and some nails make a very cool looking coaster!

14. Manly Coaster DIY

Manly coaster DIY

Manly Coaster DIY

Some screws and washers in a little bit of resin makes a very industrial looking coaster!

15. Crawfish Fishing Lure Keychain

Crawfish Fishing lure keychain DIY

Crawfish Fishing Lure Keychain

Think Father’s Day gifts FISHING! Find a lure that would make a great keychain. I found this crawfish for a little southern fishing feel!

16. Pantyhose Fish Sculpture

Green and orange Fish Sculpture crafts DIY

Pantyhose Fish Sculpture

Another take on a fishing gift for Father’s Day! You can sculpt your own and you WON’T believe what it is made from!!!

17. Military Coasters

Military Coasters DIY

Military Coasters

If your dad or grandpa served in the military, these coasters are a great way to honor their time.

18. Father’s Day Clay Keychain

Round, blue Dad keychain with nuts and screws embedded

Father’s Day Clay Keychain

Make a durable and creative Dad keychain! I used screws, nail and a nut, but you can add items that apply more to your dad!

19. Fishing Lure Coaster

Fishing lure coaster DIY | Easy Father's Day crafts

Fishing Lure Coaster

Does Dad the Fisherman need a place to put his beer? A fishing lure coaster might just be in his future!

20. Football Coaster

Resin Football Coaster DIY with football helmet footballs and green glitter background

Football Coaster

Bring on the pigskins for a football themed Father’s Day gift!

21. Football Confetti Coaster

It's a Football confetti coaster

Football Confetti Coaster

Let’s face it, Football is such a popular Dad past time! If you are looking to make a resin coaster, this is an easy Father’s Day craft using football confetti!

22. Golf Ball Buddy

Easy Father's Day crafts ~ Golf Ball Buddy craft

Golf Ball Buddy

A golf themed gift that you can personalize to look more like Dad! He can hang it from his golf bag!

23. Chili Pepper and Mung Bean Coaster

Chili Peppers and mung bean resin coaster DIY

Chili Peppers & Mung Bean Coaster

Spice up your gift giving with some chili peppers! Add dried beans for lentils for an interesting background.

24. Handprint Fish Painting

Handprint Fish painting DIy | Easy Father's Day crafts

Handprint Fish Painting

Making handprint fish is EASY! This gift not only memorializes a child’s hand, but also is a fun kind of primitive art project!

25. Star Wars Coasters

Star Wars Coasters DIY

Star Wars Coaster

Iconic Star Wars! If Dad loves Star Wars, these coasters are a MUST MAKE!

26. Batman Coaster

Batman resin coaster DIY

Batman Coaster

If Batman is more his speed, send out the Bat Signal on a coaster!

27. DIY Pizza Drink Coaster

DIY resin and clay pizza coaster

DIY Pizza Drink Coaster

Pizza! Everyone loves pizza! You can personalize this with Dad’s favorite toppings!

28. Grass Head Guy

DIY Grass head guy craft | Easy Father's Day crafts

Grass Head Guy

A little gardening project can sit on Dad’s desk and let him think of you!

29. Tin Foil Fish

Tin foil fish DIY

Tin Foil Fish

Talk about an easy Father’s Day craft! Shape aluminum foil into the shape of a fish, decorate it and you have a bookmark or plant stake!

30. Golf Ball Dog

DIY Golf ball dog | Easy Father's Day crafts

Golf Ball Dog

Another golf themed Father’s Day gift! Dogs and golf, what’s not to love?

Here Are A Few Other Easy Father’s Day Crafts!

So Many Gift Ideas For Father’s Day!!!!

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